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A Caregiver's Prayer..Poem by Jill Eisnaugle

A Christmas Letter ...Patriotic Christmas poem to our military loved ones

Advantage of Becoming Older (with NO glasses)

A Few Words of Wisdom from Wren
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

After The Storm...A poem of encouragement

A Hero Is Never Alone

All Gave Some...Some Gave All
Patriotic poem for Veterans

Always On My Mind a love poem

A Magic Moment City Nest Love Poem

America...Forever In God's Hands

America...Heaven On Earth

American Dream......a Patriotic Poem 

Among The Stars

An American Is....?

An Angel Walked The Beat

Ancestors Poem

And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

A New Day 

A New Day Dawns

Angel of Wisdom

Angels From On High

A Quiet Evening

A Reason; A Season; A Lifetime of Caring

A Satisfied Mind-- Song with Lyrics 
WAV file requires extra load time)

A Sinners Cry  
Christian poem by Judith Johnson Kypta

A Student's Prayer...Poem about Student Rights

A Sunny Wish For You

A Tale Of Two Wolves

At Heaven's Table

A Turkey's Perspective

Awakening To A New Day

Awesome Love...A Tribute To Our Lord

Baby From Bethlehem..song lyrics and Heirline vocal in Wave format requires extra load-time

The Bank Loan... frog joke from the Happy Nest

Bap Game

Basketball Game

Beacons of Hope and Love
Patriotic Poem Honoring  9-11-01

Beauty and The Beast

(The)Beauty Of a Woman
inspirational poem and beauty tips

Behold... the peace and beauty of the ocean from the Harbor Nest

Black and White TV...Sometimes More Isn't Better

Black Shadow

Bloody Mary..Scary Halloween story

Blue Christmas ...Elvis WAV and lyrics

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain ...
Willie Nelson WAV and lyrics

Brain Teasers ...How many can you get right

Breakout game

Brighten The Corner Where You Are

Bringing Up Father

Bus Station...Poem by Jamis Roose

But Officer..."The Excuse

Cabin In The Woods

Carousel Of Life

Celebrating Dad...Father's Day Poem by Francine Pucillo

Celebrating Labor Day Poem

Celebration Of Life

Checkers game

Childs Love

Christmas Memories For 9-11-01

Christmas Visit/Ray & Les...November 1999
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Christmas With Grandma  A Christmas story

Circle Of Life
Native American hope for world peace

Clock  Of Life

Coat of Many Colors 
Song and lyrics  by Dolly Parton

Collection of Christmas Midi's

Come As You Are ... Ladies Jail Ministry

Come Be My Love

Come...Make Footprints In The Sand With Me

Come Play With Me (kids branch)

Common Soldier...Patriotic poem

Concentration game

Concerning The Elderly ... Judith Johnson Kypta speaks on growing older

Count On The Shepherd ... poem by Rinda Nelson

Courageous Hearts In A Garden Of Stone

Cowboy Joe ...fun cowboy poem from the Happy Nest of Wrens World

Daddy's Day   Poem by Cheryl  Costello-Forshey

Dance, Ballerina, Dance!

Dart Test...Thought provoking Christian story and questions

Dear Heart, There's Beauty Among The Thorns... Inspirational poem with snow applet

Dear Santa...A Childs Meaningful Letter

Deck Of Life

DESIDERATA...The essentials of life

Does God Dance On Your Chips?
 Ladies Jail Ministry in Wren' s World

Do It Again,  Lord... by Max  Lucado after 9-11-01 tragedy for "America Prays"

Dream Castle...May All Your Dreams Come True

Dreams Of Heaven.. heavenly inspiration by Judith Johnson Kypta

Drinking From My Saucer

During ...Judith Johnson Kypta poem reminds us during all the events of life, Christ is there

Dust If You Must Inspirational poem encourages to enjoy life more

Eagle Feathers Fall

(The) Easter Story... poem by Marilyn Ferguson

Easy Loving... song and lyrics by Freddie Hart

Exercise For Those Over Fifty

(The) Face of Child Abuse...Marilyn Ferguson

Faith??... Humor from the Happy Nest

Falling In Love...Again

Falling Stars game

Fear Not

(The) Fire...humor from the Happy Nest

Fishy Story

Five Thousand Plus...A Hero Lies In You

(The)Flag Was Still There!

Flowers and Friends

Food For My Soul

Food For The Soul

Food For Thought...From Wren's World

ForeverIn God's Hands

Four Wives

Freedom Is Not Free

Friendly Witch ...cute Halloween poem

From Here To Eternity...The Tides Of Life

Game Room...C'mon In

Giving Thanks

Give Me Five Minutes More

Goblins Will Get You ... Halloween poem

God Bless The USA
Vocal and lyrics by Lee greenwood

God Can Cause Stars To Fly

God Is Great!

God Is Like...Lighthearted look at what God is

God's Rainbow......An Inspirational Poem

God's Resume`

God Won't Ask...

Golden Ring ... beautiful testimonial poem by Judith Johnson Kypta

Golfers!! With All Due Respect...

Good Night, Jesus

Goofy Thoughts from Wren's World

Granny's Gonna Run

Halloween__(Quick Quip Jokes)

Halloween 2__(More Quick Quip Jokes)

Halloween Coffin

Halloween Mysteries...riddles from the Kid's Nest

Halloween Riddles from the Kid's Nest

Hangman game

Happiness Is.....December 1999
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy 4th of July Independence Day patriotic poem & fireworks

Happy Anniversary, Jack and Sue
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family and friends.)

Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jo...Sept2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, Jo...9-21-01
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, Judy...4-1-01 
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, Leslee...January 2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, Shana...July2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, Tony...June2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday,Tony 6-12-2001
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, TJ...March 2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, Tyler...3-14-01
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Birthday, Vonnie...6-6-2001
 (My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Happy Father's Day, Son..A Tribute To Single Fathers

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy Thanksgiving Poem

Happy Valentines, My Love

Happy Valentines, Sweetheart

Happy Valentines To My Greatest Treasure

Haunted House...A Halloween Adventure
Graphic intensive, may require extra load time

Have a Fantastic Labor Day

Have Thine Own Way, Lord
as recorded by Jim Reeves with Lyrics and WAV

Heart On My Sleeve and When The Teardrops Start....love poems

He Is Lord ...Easter

Hello, God?...Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

He's Alive!... song lyrics and WAV by Heirline

He Touched Me...David's Testimony

He Touched Me...LuAnn's Testimony

He Touched Me...Mary's Testimony

He Touched Me...Nancy's Testimony

He Touched Me...Testimony of God's Love from a visitor

Holiday In Your Heart ...vocalized by LeAnn Rimes (WAV requires extra load time)

Holy Ghost...from the Chapel in Wren's World

HOMELESS!.."But for the grace of God..."from the City Nest in WrensWorld

Have A Hoppy Day....From Wren's Happy Nest
Silly Frog Jokes...just for fun

Have A Hoppy Day...Fun Froggy Jokes
Kid's Nest Version

Hell, You don't Want To Go There (Jail Ministry)

Here Freedom Flies In Your Heart Like An Eagle ...written by Audie Murphy

Hogs and Hypocrites

How Can I Claim God's Promise of Salvation

Humor From The Scriptures

I Am Your Angel...vocalized by Celine Dion

I Believe

I Don't Always Say Amen

I Found God Today

If We Make It Through December
by Merle Haggard...Song Lyrics and WAV

If You Could Hear

I Hope You Dance...and Dance...and Dance!!

In Memory of 9-11-01..Here Buildings Fell, Here A Nation Rose

In My Father's House ... Lyrics and WAV feature Elvis Presley singing gospel

In The Garden (Easter poem)

In The Shadow Of The Cross (Easter Poem)

In The Valleys

I Pledge Allegiance...Recorded by Red Sovine

Ira Hayes (patriotic poem)

Ireland ...Land of Leprechauns and Legends

I Remember You

I Said A Prayer For You Today

I Thought of You

It's About Time!!..Your Personal Bank

It's Never Too Late......an Uplifting Story

IT WAS SO..And man is still working like a mule

I've Been Right Here Waiting...Come Into My Web (Halloween)

I Wish For You, Nephews...August2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

I Wonder...Poem and Panoramic Applet

Jail Ministry Entrance

Jest 'fore Christmas...I'm Good As I Can Be

Jesus, Our Lord...A Physician Analyzes The Crucifixion

Jesus Whispers

Joey's Faith ... Inspiring poem of faith
 by Judith Johnson Kypta

Join Me In The Garden

Journey Through Time

Joy In The Little Things

Joys Of Motherhood

Kid's Branch Home Page

Kid's Branch Internet Safety Rules

Kid's Branch Jokes

Kid's Branch Riddles

Kid's Branch Thanksgiving Riddle and Jokes

Know Jesus...No Fear (Christian humor)

Lady Liberty...Like A Light From Above

Land Of Dreams... (Peter Pan Theme)
Inspirational poem from the Kids Nest

Letter To God...from kids

Lessons From A Bluebird

Let Me Give

Let's Talk Turkey! (Kid's Nest riddles)

Let The Children Come...by Michael Card
Song Lyrics and WAV 

Letting Go Of The Past... poem by Ron Hall

 Let Us Not Forget..Independence Day

Lexi's World of Fun (grand-daughter's page)

Liberty Rising

Life's Little Wonders

Life Span...The Guiding Hands Of Age

Life's Riches

Lights game

Little Riddle

Little Things Mean A Lot

Living With Elder Abuse... poem by Patti Filbert

Look Up....An Inspiration Poem Of Love

"Lord, I Need Your Touch"
As recorded by The Redeemed Quartet, with lyrics

Love And Marriage...humor

"Love Can Build A Bridge" Song Lyrics  and "Building Bridges" Francine Pucillo Poem

Love Is....

Lovely Lady, Dance For Life With Me

Love Me Tender
Song lyrics and Vocalized WAV  by Elvis Presly

Love Notes...Poem by Francine Pucillo

Loving Wings…Inspirational Story and Awesome Photo

Lynzey's World (grand-daughter's page)

Make A Joyful Noise

Magical Moments

Marbles game

Mardi Gras!!

Mary,  Did You Know? Sung by Mike Lowry...with lyrics (wav format)

Mary Had A Little Lamb..Year 2000 Version

Mending Fences by Jill Eisnaugle

Memorial Day

Memories of Momma..A Native American Mother 
(In honor of my friend's mother)

Missile Commando game

Moments In time...Inspirational poem
 in the City Nest of Wrens World

Money Is Not Everything....

Morning Angel

Morning Light Song by the Heirlines gospel singers with lyrics (wav format)

Mothers Are Like Angels

Mother's Loving Embrace...a poem for mom

Move On Up A Little Higher...song by Mahalia Jackson with lyrics

My Buddy, Bud...a great pit bull dog

My Dad's Hands...A Father's Day poem

My Daughter... poem by Ron Hall

My Home Town...Smalltown, USA

My Life's Prayer

My Mama...A Tribute to our Special Mom

My Momma's Prayers

My Mother's Eyes
Poem, song lyrics and midi for mom

My Pardon.. Jail Ministry poem  by Judith Johnson Kypta

My Patriotic Valentine
Poem of love and support for our troops. "Proud To Be American" Branch of Wrensworld 

My Prayer

My Quilt...The Patchwork Of Life

My Son Lives In Paradise...Marilyn Ferguson

My Valentine To You, Jesus
poem by Judith Johnson Kypta

Nana, Tell Them... (Jail Ministry)

Never Pick Up A Leprechaun

New Year Resolutions!

New York, New York ...Lyrics and Frank Sinatra vocal

Nine-One-One(911)...Scripture For Our Daily Needs...Call On Jesus

Noah's Aches with panorama applet

Noun Nonsense from the Happy Nest

Numbers game

Obituary...Someone Else

Ode To America...by Cornel Nistorescu

Oh How The Angels Sing...beautiful Christmas Poem of the birth of Jesus

One Nation Under God...Patriotic poem by Francine Pucillo

Once Upon A Time When I Was Young

Once When Young... poem for the young at heart senior citizen

Our Angels

Our Castle Of Dreams

Pacman game

Pathway of Pain...A Poem for Understanding "Why"

Peek-A-Boo...I Love You

Perseverance...A Poem Of Encouragement

Plug Into The Power ...vocalized by Pat James

Point Of View

Points To Ponder

Pooh's Party Time

Portrait Of Jesus
inspirational poem by Marilyn Ferguson

Precious Memories...An Angel Named Betty

(The)Preacher and the Bear poem

(The) Price of War

Purple Mountain Majesty... America The Beautiful

Put On Your Big Girl Panties...by Rinda Nelson

Ragged Old Flag ...Narration by Johnny Cash


Rainy Days
inspiration by Judith Johnson  Kypta

Remembering Holidays Shared With Family So Dear
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Rest, My Child

Return, My Son by Judith Johnson Kypta
Anguish for a wayward son

Requisites For Contentment

Rhonda, You've Made Me Bear-y HapBee!
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Rhyme Time Riddles

Rose Of Peace

Roses Of Life

Running Late...Don't Miss The Bus!!

Rusty Chevrolet...song and lyrics

 Fun poem from the Kids Branch

Santa's Christmas Eve Prayer

Say What?!!(Translation mix-ups)

School Daze (Kid's Nest poem)

School Jokes ... Humor from the Kid's Branch

Seasons Of Memories... by Marilyn Ferguson

Shannon's Story

Shattered Dreams

She Was Soooo Blond

Shout It From The Mountain Tops

Silent night 9-11

Soldiers Final Inspection

(The)Soldier's Spider Web

Some Days You Just Can't Win!

Soul Of A Child

(The) South's Greatest Dog Winner

So You Want To Go To Hell?


Splish, Splash...It's Bath Time For Baby

Spirit For Spirit...Original Poem by Kim LeBlanc

Spirit Of Santa

Stairway To Heaven

Star Lit Inspiration

Strength of A Woman...A Native American Mom's Tribute


Sweet Baby Jesus

Tail Gunner game

Taking Out The Garbage(Jail Ministry)


Thankful Because....

Thankful To Be American This 4th of July

Thanksgiving Dinner...Share The Blessings

Thanks Giving Prayer


Thanksgiving Riddles For The Kids

Thank You For Our Freedom
Patriotic poem

Thistlehair The Christmas Bear
song by Alabama with lyrics

The Anchor Holds...Vocalized by Ray Boltz

The Baby, The Bum...And The Spirit of Christmas

The Barber
Christian Story from The Chapel in Wrens World

The Bard of Armagh...Irish Top 'O' The Morning To Ye

The Best Things In Life...Natural Highs

The Bible and the TV Guide

The Blonde

The Center
Bible Trivia from The Chapel in WrensWorld

The Chef's Answer To Adversity

The Chocolate Easter Bunny..Delightful poem by Virginia Ellis

The Church Went Walking

The Clothesline

The Cold Within

The Craft...Letter to Earth-Based Believers 
written by a visitor to The Chapel

The Day The World Cried
September 11,2001 Tribute

The Deacon and The College Boy

The Devil and A Joyful Heart

The Devil Went To New York City

The Eagle Still Flies...America's Spirit Can't Be Broken

The Easter Basket...Peter Cottontail Delivers

The Empty Egg......An Easter Story

The Encounter...Mother's Lingering Love

The Fence...A Lesson In Angry Words Spoken

The Gift Of Love..."Gift" an original poem by Kim LeBlanc

The Girl I Used To Be

The Golfing Preacher

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

The Harvest...From the Heart

The Heavy Burden

The House...Be Careful What You Build

The "Journey" & and "Tranquility"…. Two Special Poems

The Light... a poem of comfort from the Harbor Nest of Wren's World

The Lighthouse ...vocalized by "Sweet Presence",  with lyrics

The Long Good-bye ... 9-11  Remembrance Poem

The Long Haul

The Most Beautiful Flower...Are We Too Blind To See?

The Mule......An Adventure in Adversity

The Night Before Christmas(classic version)

The Night Before Christmas Poem by Joyce Lock

The Night Before Jesus Came

The Pale Blue Ribbon...Vietnam POW Col. Don Cook Memorial Poem

The Party's Over...January 2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

The Pearls...Why is it so hard to let go?

The Power Of One

The Preacher's Wife

The Quilt...A Poem by Francine Pucillo

The Ragged Old Flag

The Sand Piper...A Sign Of Joy

The Special Pet

The Speeding Ticket

The Things That Make A Soldier Great

The Thrill Of Discovery

The Top 10 Things Dad Won't Say

The Wearin' O' The Green...An Old Irish Song

They Earned The Right...Labor Day Poem

Things NOT to say to a Police Officer

Thoughts of Christmas...poem by Marilyn Ferguson

Three Trees...A great inspirational story

Tickle Your Fancy with Steven Wright Humor

Tic Tac Toe game

Tidings Of Great Joy Christmas

To Believe In The Wonder Of It All

Today's Child...Tomorrow's Hope

To God Be The Glory

Too Old To Trick Or Treat

Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy

Torpedo Alley game

Touching The Heart Of God

Tower of Hanoi game

Treasures For The King

Tux On the Run game

'Twas A Night To Remember ...Christmas poem

Two Becomes One...Yvonne & Ferney
 (My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Two Jesus's

Unforgettable...An Angel Named Betty

UFO Attack game

Unclaimed Property
Christian poem by Judith Johnson Kypta

United States Trivia

Until They Come Home...A Yellow Ribbon

(The) Valley's of Life..by Marilyn Ferguson

Veteran's Day.. patriotic poem by Marsha Burks Megehee... the Poet Warrior

Veteran's Mother's Tears

"Wait"...Christian poem by Russell Kelfer

Warm Christmas Wishes

Waves Of Love

Waz Up?
Jokes and humor from the Kid's Nest

Welcome Back To School!

Welcome Home,Kevin and Jim...August2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

We The People 

What God Has Promised

What Is "Church"

What Time Is It? (Jail Ministry)

When...by JoAnna Larson

When I say "Froggy"…JUMP

When I Say I Am A Christian

When I Whine

When Moses Met George W Bush

When the Wren is a Ravin'...May 2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Where Earth and Sky Meet

Where The Stars and Stripes, and The Eagle Fly

Where was God September 11,2001? (Chapel version...this page can also be found in the "Proud To Be American Branch")

"Who Me?" Valentine thoughts from Cupid

"Who Is Your Boss?" Labor Day poem by Edgar Guest

Who Will Take Care Of Grandma?

Who Will Trick or Treat With Me?

Whoopee For 2004 ...New Year Poem

Why Eagles Fly...and Chickens Flutter

Why We Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

Winter Scene... poem by Judith Johnson Kypta

Wish Come True

Without Him...Elvis WAV and Lyrics

WrensByDesign...entrance page

WrensByDesign...creative web design studio

Wren's Wonderful Woods (graphic intensive)

Yesterday, When I Was Young...February 2000
(My personal "Heaven On Earth" moments for my family)

Yard Sale Memories..poem by Rinda Nelson

You Are Who You Are For A Reason..poem by Russell Kelfer

You Give Me Fever...Poem by Francine Pucillo

Your Invited to A-Bun-Dance...Bring Your Friends




I'm Still Angry
Can't get over the anger?

I'm A Sorry Snake
Card of apology

Please Forgive Me

Sometimes It's Necessary To Eat Crow
Can we work this out? card

Web Of Deceit
I can't forgive you card


Birthday Work-out
Funny card for a fun guy

Happy Birthday
(General...Dragon Motif)

  Happy Birthday, Brother

Grandson, I Am So Proud Of You (Does not say "Happy BD", but still appropriate.)

Happy Birthday, Granddaughter 

Happy Birthday, Grandson

Happy Birthday, My Son

Happy Birthday, Sis

Happy Birthday, Sister

Comfort, Grief and Sympathy

Grief...A Sympathy Card  

Homeward Bound... Walk In Peace

Power Of Prayer

We Need Noah's Trust

We Remember Them

When Life Gets So Hard

When Tears Must Fall...We Need Each Other

With Sympathy For Your Loss


Angel Dust...I'm a better person because of you

Angel of Comfort 

Angel of Dreams

Angel of Joy

Angel of Wonder... Thinking of You greeting

A Special Little Angel For Someone Special

Attention!! I'm Missing You!

A Walk In The Clouds...Steps Of Love

Bear-y Best Friends... Sharing The Good Stuff!

Best Friends...Our Differences Strengthen Our Friendship

(The) Beauty Of Our Friendship

Congratulations, Graduate...
 We're So Proud Of You

Congratulations On Your Graduation!

Constant Companions

Cuddle Up A Little Closer
(Can be used for Valentines)

Did You Ever See A Miracle? (Thank you)

Forever Friends

Forever Kind Of Friend

Friendship's Road

Friends Through The Storms

( get well fun card) I'm Glad You're Finally Going Home! (From the hospital)

Get Well Wishes

Grandson, I Am So Proud Of You for any occasion

Homemade Love

Hope...Look Up and Be Comforted

I'll Sing You A Love Song 
a card of love and friendship

I Look Up To You Sister Version

I Look Up To You  Friendship Version

I Made A Wish For You

If Nobody Smiled

Inner Beauty...friendship card

I Wish You Enough, My Friend

Just Between The Two Of Us

Life Without Friendship

Little Things Mean A Lot

Missing You In My World

My Brother...My Friend... Sharing Life's Adventures

My Friend...This Bud's For You

My Sister, My Friend...You Are The Best

My Heart's Bubblin'!  How Are You? (Betty Boop Theme)

My Promise To You

Road Less Traveled...Walking In A Loving Relationship

(The) Search For A Friend...Your The Best!

Somebody Is Thinking Of You

Stepping Out Of Your Dreams
feminine graduation congratulations

Sympathy Card For A Really Bad Hangover :o)

Thank God For You, My Friend

Thank Heaven For You....My Beary Sweet Friend

Thanks For The Memories
I'm thinking of you and feeling sunny!

Thinking Of You

Touch My Heart
(Also appropriate for romantic greetings)

What Have You Been Up To?

What You Do To Me

When The World Goes Away...I'll Still Be Your Friend

Wish Upon A Star ( I miss you)

You Are A Friend From Above

You Have Left Prints On My Heart

You make me happy...
laughing,bouncing baby greeting

Your Friendship Calms The Storm


Candles Glow

Dreams Of You

Happy Anniversary, My Love

Homemade Love

Falling In Love...Again  

I Love You

I Thought Of You

I Will Always Love You

Love Is Ageless

Loving You Is Easier...
features a cabin lake applet

Once In A Blue Moon...love poem card

  Perfect Love  

Thoughts Of You

Time Will Never Change Our Love

Touch My Heart (Also appropriate for special friend)

Touch Of Love


CHRISTMAS, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and NEW YEARS

Christmas Wishes For You 

Christmas Born In Bethlehem

Especially For Christmas...Someone Is Watching Over You

Feliz Navidad

Happy New Year 

Happy New Year 2014

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Holidays

Happy Kwanzaa

Jesus Is Born...Joyful Wishes

Joy Of Times Shared

Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year

Merry Christmas Wishes

Missing You This Christmas

Seasons Greetings.. From Our House To Yours 

Season's Greetings...May You Always Have A Guiding Light

You WILL be home this Christmas (for Military)

We Wish You... The Happiest of Holidays



An Easter Angel For You

Happy Easter...An Easter Prayer For You

Happy, Happy, Happy Easter  

The Easter Lily...an Easter Greeting


Daddy's Shoes

Father's Ways  

Happy Father's Day


Happy Grandparents Day


Monstrous Love

A Beary Nice Halloween  

Moonwalker's Halloween 

(4th of July)

Celebrate Your Independence

Wishing You A Fun-Filled Fourth

Wishing You A Happy Fourth


Salute To My Veteran Friend


A Special Bond...The Love Between Mother and Child

For The Love Of Mother

I Appreciate You, Mom

If I Knew As A Child....Happy Mothers Day, Mom

Mother's Love

Thanks, Mom...From Your Son


Happy Saint Patty's Day 

An Irish Blessing For Saint Patrick's Day

An Irish Blessing For You 

An Irish Fun Toast  

A Special Irish Blessing for A Special Person  

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Sister

Hat's Off To Ye This St. Patrick's Day

St.Patrick's Day Good Cheer  


Happy Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing You A Wonderful Turkey Day

(Many of the Greetings in "Romantic  Reflections" are also appropriate for Valentines.) 

Beware, My Heart...Cupid's Gonna Get You

Happy Valentines Sweetheart  

Happy Valentines To My Greatest Treasure  

Happy Valentines To My Love

I Love You, Valentine

Letter To My Love

Love Me Tender, Valentine

My Heart's Bubblin'!  How Are You? (Betty Boop Theme)

My Special Valentine... for your military sweetheart

Please Bee Mine, Valentine

Songs From My Heart...frog themed valentine

They Call It Puppy Love, Valentine

Tweety Sends Love To YourSweetie

You Are My Valentine




The Beginning ...Mom andDad

The Lucky Seven

Love Stories ...Part One

Love Stories ...Part Two

Fabulous Family Foxe

OK, I realize the above  pages are not in alphabetical order,
but they're my family....we need to stay together.
Otherwise, they just don't make sense.
(Not that we ever make sense, anyway.)



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