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The Goblins Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out!!!



Witches in Wren's World?....OH MY!

Just a bunch of monsters
Looking for some treats
Hoping for some goodies
Good enough to eat

Took our time to dress up
Thought of it all year
Please no penny candies
They seem to disappear

Like those big fat chocolates
Forget those bellyaches
Mommy will inspect them
She'll say they tasted great
I think this is the guy that originated the old saying, "Beauty is only skin deep."
Monsters on a rampage
Looking for some stash
Hoping in the special bag
We'll find a little cash

Pennies by the handful
Nickels by the pound
Monsters by the dozen
With pockets to the ground

Really we're not choosey
Just delightful guests
Happy that it's Halloween
Hoping you're impressed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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