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I Thought of You

It may be a bird,but I think it's the wings of love..with a message for YOU

Today I looked into a blue, blue sky

The purest,truest kind of blue

The same shade as your eyes

..............And I thought of You

And my heart felt joy because I knew

I'd always feel the same

Now each time I see a sky of blue

............I'll think of you again.

Wren's World image of tree..umm,wonder if that's forbidden fruit?Wren's Nest graphic of butterfly

Today I felt a gentle breeze,

and saw the loving way that it caressed

The new born grass and leaves

.............and I thought of you

And my body longed to know the thrill

Your touch alone can bring.

Now each time the breeze caress the trees,

..........I'll think of you...again

Someone's heart belongs to YOU

These simple things I see each day

I will my whole life through

But every time they come my way

Once more...I'll think of you

Though many changes come with time

One fact will still remain

When 'ere my thoughts are filled with love

........I'll think of you again..

WrensWorld image of flying bird bringing you this message from someone who cares

Rinda Nelson 2000 all rights reserved

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