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She's foxy, 
She's fiesty, She's the Hostess with the Mostest...She's my lil'sister.


Isn't she foxy? Can't you just see how this woman sparkles and shines?

When we all lived in the same locality, Von's home was THE place to be for a good time. Why? Because Von was there......and any place there's Von, there is fun. Her home has always been beautiful. She just has that knack. The food is to die for....this gal can cook! She is very creative, so there was always something new to do. At gift giving times, you waited in anticipation to receive Vonnie's....it would always be something wonderful and hand crafted. She is a natural born care-giver, so you knew you would be pampered and spoiled as if you were the most important person in the world. And as the evening waned, if we were lucky, she would play the guitar and sing for us. I sure miss those good times....but many miles between us now make visits to Vonnie's few and far between.

Von, I miss you BIG time...LUB

Vonnie has been in management with, as they say on 'Wheel of Fortune', a "Major Credit Card Company" for over ten years. They transferred her from Arizona to Florida a few years ago. Lucky Florida!!

This good-looking guy belongs to Von Krystal..flying high with the 'Wild Angels Looks like another 'Miss Personality' is growing up in the family

You are viewing Vonnie's loves, Mike, Krystal, and Erica

Erica lives at home with her mother. Krystal is a recording artist and resides in Arizona. She is half of the "Wild Angels"...and their first album "Walking On Water" is not walking, but flying The Wild Angels into the hearts of America! Mike lives in Florida....close enough to make sure that all is well with mom:-)

Did you notice there is no husband in these pictures?


Told ya' She's Fiesty

Vonnie, clowning around....proving a Christian woman can be a sexy woman. I don't think she intended this to be published on the www. Look fast....she may make me remove it!!!!!

I believe that God intended for each of us to have a mate to walk thru this world with. I know that Vonnie is destined to meet that special Christian man that is meant to be her lifetime partner.

Can you tell I'm getting that old match making urge again? I did so well picking a husband for my mom, and found Brad for Judy....ummm, I wonder.........................(:o)

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Sorry, Gang, Foto Album is not ready yet...soon I promise :o)

Thanks, Sis, for suppling pictures for me...these pages would not be possible without YOU.


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