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Holding On To Daddy's Hand

To My Son, Tony....A single parent of two fine sons, and the best Dad I know.

Tony, I am so proud of you. I know how hard it is sometimes to be everthing for your children. Yet you have chosen to take on that responsibility. Your son's are so fortunate to have you for a dad......

I am so fortunate to have you for a son.


My life is in daddy's hands

Your missing Java(tm)...your missing a lot


"What Makes A Dad"

image of a red heart jewel

God took the strength of a mountain,

The majesty of a tree,

The warmth of a summer sun,

The calm of a quiet sea,

My Heart belongs to Daddy

The generous soul of nature,

The comforting arm of night,

The wisdom of the ages,

The power of the eagle's flight,

image of a red heart jewel

The joy of a morning in spring,

The faith of a mustard seed,

The patience of eternity,

The depth of a family need.

Fathers have a lot of heart

Then God combined these qualities.

When there was nothing more to add,

He knew His masterpiece was complete,

And so, He called it ... "DAD!"

Author Unknown

image of a red heart jewel means "I Love U,Dad"

A Boy And His Dad

Following In Dad's Footsteps footprints footprint I'm following you,Daddy,please take the right way

To get his good-night kiss he stood

Beside my chair one night

And raised an eager face to me,

A face with love alight.

And as I gathered in my arms

The son God gave to me,

I thanked the lad for being good,

and hoped he'd always be.

It's a long way from childhood to adulthood,Dad I need YOU to quide the way

His little arms crept `round my neck

And then I heard him say

Four simple words I can't forget...

Four words that made me pray.

They turned a mirror on my soul,

On secrets no one knew,

They startled me, I hear them yet;

He said... "I'll be like you".

Author Unknow

Please remember,Dad,you are my hero I watch EVERYTHING you do And the path in life you follow Is the one I'll follow, too

A father's heart loves unconditionally

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your unconditional love

Our Father,Who Art In Heaven

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come,

Thy Will Be Done

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

a heartful of love

small gold dovesmall gold dove..they like to travel in pairs:)

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Holding Onto Daddy's Hands

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