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 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart. Psalm 27:14

The following letter from a visitor reminds us that no matter how great the pain, how tragic the events, HE is the Great Comforter, and....

He understands.


He Touched Me...Nancy's testimony 


Back in 1982, I was pregnant with my fourth child.  I started spotting and my doctor ordered bed rest.  My husband was wonderful and took our children to church and took over teaching my Sunday school class.  

I was in bed for almost a month.  We were beginning to think everything was going to be all right, when on Good Friday, after my family came home from church, I started cramping and bleeding heavily.  I had to have an emergency C& D.  Our baby was the size of a seven week old embryo.

At first I said it was God's will to take my baby from me, but then a great depression fell on me.  I cried all the time, I was angry with my sister-in-law because she was pregnant and having no trouble, I went through the motions at church and when I had to be around other people. I felt that God had taken this baby away from me and I didn't know why. I had always tried to be a good mother.  I felt as if He didn't hear my prayers.

But then one morning, about 4 months after losing the baby, the Lord came to me in my sleep.  He told not to grieve any longer for the baby He had taken from me.  He told me, "This child is with me and you'll never have to worry about him."  

I woke up and felt as if all the weight I had carried on my shoulders was gone.  I told my husband and my pastor about my dream.  I don't know if they could understand how wonderful I felt because the Lord had spoken to me, but I felt He had touched my life in such a special way. I had to be happy for my baby because he was with my Lord.

Three years later the Lord blessed us with a 9lb. 7oz. baby boy.  It wasn't an easy pregnancy or delivery,  but He gave us our son, Adam.  He was welcomed into our lives by his father, his sister and two brothers and a very thankful mother. Adam was the last child I was to have. And he has been a challenge.  He is now 16, and can be very wonderful at times, but at other times he is a trial.  I often remember God's words to me 'that the baby with Him is the one I'll never have to worry about.'

I worry about all my children.  Even though the three older ones are married with children of their own.  My oldest son is a police officer, my next son is a correctional officer at a prison and my only daughter is now a stay at home mom with her miracle baby.

God has touched all our lives and He is in control, even when we forget and think we can handle life's ups and downs.  He loves us and forgives us and will welcome us home one day.

Thank you for your wonderful pages.  I love them and think you must be a very special person.  God Bless You.  


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Dear Nancy;

Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony of God's love for us.  

Sometimes, in the midst of the heartaches this life can bring, it is easy to forget that we are God's children, and that he feels our pain and sufferings, just as we hurt for our children here on earth.

I believe that God sometimes leads us to share our own heartaches because He knows that someone else needs to know they are not alone in their troubles.  Perhaps, through sharing your loss, someone else will know that when they are ready to open their heart to allow God in.....He will touch them, and lighten their burden.  

Thank you for allowing God to use you.

May He bless and keep you...always.

Your sister in Christ...Wren



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