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You are the greatest grandma and grandpa in the world.  I'm glad you're mine.
We love grandma and grandpa
Happy Grandparents Day!

 Aren't grandkids grand?

Sharing love this special day
So happy and so gay
Love to spend this time with you
Such a perfect day

Feel the love within our hearts
The gift you gave we share
Loving you the way we do
Because you're always there
Roses for grammy.
You pick us up when we are down
When we are sad and blue
Always when we're by your side
The love we feel so true

Love like this a special blend
That means so very much
Feel the beauty of this love
In every gentle touch
Roses for gramps, too.
Wishing you all happiness
With love beyond compare
Grandparents are a special joy
Each day throughout the year.
~ Francine Pucillo ~

Love you bunches

Wonder where my nana and papa are?
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My grandparents are the best!!!


My grandma and grandpa are sooo special!


I know that grammy and gramps loves me best of all



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Lots of things here for grandfather and grandmother.