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Heaven's Gate

Heaven on Earth is watching your grandchildren grow up



To My Amazing Grandson

You really take the cake

What are those mice doing in your birthday cake...looks like they really know how to party, so it's Kool


You used to be knee high to a grasshopper.....

But just look at you now!!!

A grasshopper on a really BIG shoe

Way to Grow...er, I mean Go, T.J.!!!!

Seems like the taller you get, the more Special you are. (How DO you do that??)


Hope your Birthday is as perfect as you are.

Lot's and lot's of Granny loves U I'm sending U lots of Granny Kisses


Are you too old now for Grandma to say "I love you"? Boy, I sure hope not, cuz I do :o)


Heavens Gate


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