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For a very special Earth Angel...my mother



A Mother's Love


 How do I say "Thank You" for all the love and caring over the years?
 How do I repay all the nights you stayed up when I was sick, and all the floors you walked when I was late coming home?
 What can I give you for all the times you supported me in my triumphs, and provided a shoulder when there were losses?
 What present is there for all the times we just sat together and shared our warmth?
How do I thank you for the guidance when I was unsure of my way, and your restraint to allow me to find it myself?
You nurtured my growth, yet allowed me my independence.
How can I measure the worth of your love?
What gift is enough?  

The answer came to me today. No box can hold it, no wrapping can cover it, nor can a ribbon tie it. No store had it on a shelf.
My gift is not to you. It is to my children.
I promise to care for them when they are sick, and walk the floors when they are late.
I will share with them their victories, and comfort them when there are losses.
I will help them to grow, yet let them choose their own path. Iíll be there when they need me, and step aside when they must go alone.
I will try to raise them as well as you raised me.

And someday, maybe, they will come to me and say, "How can we thank you for all you have done for us?"

 And I will tell them," Donít thank me. Thank my parents. For I am the product of their love, and you are my greatest gift to them."





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Thank You, Penny