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Good Morning, I'm your angel;
Let's start this brand new day!
I'll add a bit of heaven,
to help you on your way.

I'll help you open sleepy eyes,
enable you to see,
sunshine-jewels in morning light,
so priceless, yet they're free.

I'll cause the morning birds to sing,
and then I'll take their songs,
and place them all into your heart...
to cheer you all day long.

I'll help you find your lost car keys,
the work that you brought home...
and as your walking out the door,
you won't go out alone.

For I'll be right beside you...
breathe deep, you'll feel me here.
I'm that invigorating tingle,
held in the morning air.

As you go about your day,
Please know that this is true...
There's nothing you can't overcome,
For I'll be there with you.

Rinda Nelsonę2002


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