Walk In Peace

Walk in Peace, You're free to go
Know in our hearts you'll stay
Precious memories linger on
You're never far away.

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Walk in peace, with special prayers
Your loved ones wait for you
And though we walk the path of grief
God's Grace will see us through.

Rinda Nelson©01-09-03

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Walk in gracious splendor
Love's Shadow we remember
Steps are here to guide us
Majestically with calmness

Gentle as the softest breeze
Arms will gently hold with ease
Carry us to heaven's Light
Darkness never fills the night

Visions of love's power
Each minute of the hour
Heaven filled with wonder
His smile so warm and tender

Come with Me to start anew
This Paradise I give to you
Gardens of magnificence
Fragrant flower's brilliance

Faces of those waiting
With hearts anticipating
Walk within their presence
Love in each remembrance

Hearts are joined in heaven
Jesus now has led them
Holding on so tightly
Souls now flying lightly

Walk within His footsteps
Reaching heaven's doorstep
Children Of His Glory
Each one of us His story.
~ ©Francine Pucillo2001-2003 ~

You are not alone...We care, and share your grief.


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