Time has changed our secrets and the way we wear our hair;
It's changed the silly arguments and the giggles that we shared.
Slowly, but surely, we've seen a changing world;
And with the passing hands of time, it has changed the little girls...

It has changed our childish happiness to grown-up facts of life,
And sometimes changed our dreams, with adversity and strife.
It's taught us to appreciate each other so much more,
and led us to the lasting things we need each other for...

Memories of moments that were made for us to share,
The feeling of a 'oneness', that somehow is always there,
The hidden corners of our lives, only we will ever know,
And the love that becomes deeper and sweeter as it grows...

Time changes many things, and some dreams come apart,
But not even time can change, the love within our hearts.
Many times through out the years, I've closed my eyes and whispered,
"I thank you, Lord, for this dear friend...the one that I call Sister."