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Thinking Of You and Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving with this Heavenly Greetings Card from WrensWorld.com

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A Thanksgiving Blessing For You.


Lord, we humbly ask thy blessing
On the turkey and the dressing,
On the yams and cranberry jelly,
And on the pickles from the deli.

Turkey with all the trimmings.  Ummmm, ummmmm!.

Bless the apple pie and tea,
Bless each and every calorie.
Let us enjoy Thanksgiving dinner,
Tomorrow we can all get thinner!

Everyone's favorite...apple pieFor the holidays, you gotta have a lucious pumpkin pie!!

For all Thy help along the way,
We're thankful this Thanksgiving Day.
We're thankful, too, for all our dear ones,
For all the far away and near ones.

The thing I'm most thankful for this year?  Family and friends like you!!

Although we may be far apart,
We're together in my heart.
Keep us in Thy loving care,
This is my Thanksgiving prayer.

Who knew it'd be this hard to get away from the Thanksgiving dinner dishes??!!  Alright, Already!  Let me outta here...I'm telling ya', I WILL HELP.

P.S. If there is anyone who wishes,
I could use help with the dishes!
Author Unknown

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day.


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