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Web of Deceit...A poem by Ringa Nelson

Your soothing voice speaks words of trust
...The innocent believe
While smiling lips mask evil lust
As you practice to deceive.

Your reasoning dwells in tangled web
and flies on wings of greed
to land upon a caring heart,
You'll surely cause to bleed.

Now you gaze with tear-filled eyes
and swear you tell the truth,
Offended when you realize
I'm asking you for proof.

Why can't I just believe, you ask?
What have you done so wrong?
Why can't I just forget the past?

You've done this far too long!

You tell me if I really cared
I'd understand you're weak
But I can't stand beside you there
In your web of pure deceit.
~Author: Rinda Nelson©2008~

Please don't ask me to forgive you..that's something I can't do yet.

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