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He Touched Me...testimony from the Chapel in Wrensworld.com

He Touched Me....LuAnn's Testimony

Hello Wren,

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I love your site and the music is beautiful.

It is so relaxing to sit in my office (at home) and listen to your music and just DRINK-In the Presence of Our Lord and The Holy Spirit as He speaks to my heart and lifts me up and in that place is where He increases my Insight to the Spiritual things He would have me learn so as to share with others in this walk through the days of my life.

He is So Wonderful!!  I was saved at age 11 and am now 72 years young. I will be 73 this May.  I feel like I am still only 40-50. Other days when I have overdone this body cleaning and organizing our home, moving things taking things to the garage. But I truly Thank my Heavenly Father for ALL He has done for me in these years.

He has given me several Visions over the years, the first one being at age 13 as we sat at our Sunday dinner table next to a window where I was looking out at the most beautiful blue sky with a few scattered silverary White clouds and...There He WAS!  JESUS  Standing in the clouds with His Glowing Pure White Robe and I could see all of Him, but His Face was not visible to me...We Shall see Him face to face one day Soon. I feel He is Coming So Very Soon!

And what we do for HIM we Must Do QUICKLY.

The Fields are so ripe for Harvest and the Laborers are few, the Bible says.  I pray I will be the kind of Laborer for Christ that He wants me to be as I testify, Encouage, Listen and Pray for those who are downhearted, depressed, Sick, or going through a trial of some kind.
Only HE CAN HELP.  ONLY HE KNOWS what each of us needs on a personal basis,  but we are to help, encourage, and pray for those who are in any kind of need.

Love your site.


Dear LuAnne,

Thank you for sharing your awesome testimony to our Lord.  Each of us need to know that no burden is too great if we allow  God to carry it., and He does know each of our individual needs.
Matthew 6:8 says "....for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him."

In his sermon on the mount, Jesus instructed us "All things whatsoever ye would  that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” 

 It is our duty as a Child of God to love one another, to pray for the needs of others, to encourage and uplift each other.  I am so guilty of  becoming too involved in my personal issues, and forgetting that God's greatest commandment is to love one another.  Bless you for the reminder that  we need to be more concerned with others, and less with ourselves. That is what God expects from us.....AND HE IS COMING SOON.

I also thank you for the lovely compliments about WrensWorld, however, I do not currently have a newsletter or a subscribed mailing list.

In His love,


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"He Touched Me"
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