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In The Garden...the eleven wait, and sleep,  while Jesus prays.




Sadness all around them
They could not see His Light
His Spirit never left them
His Love was shining bright

Easter time of Passion
What sacrifice He made
Only Son begotten
For mankind love displayed

Carried cross with dignity
With pain each mournful step
Path He paved to hilltop
This destination Blessed

Faces filled with sorrow
While He was on His way
Looking towards heaven
He whispered Father Pray

Heard His Father tell Him
My Son I love You so
You walked on earth with Piety
This road was long I know

Soon You will be with Me
Your work on earth complete
My Son My Child of Beauty
Each day Your Life repeats.
~Francine Pucillo ~


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"In The Garden"
Sequenced by: Randell M. Dawson