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My thoughts often turn toward love, and there is nothing more loving or loved than my family. Hello, World......It's time for you to meet............

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My Fabulous Family

and their love stories


picture of Mom

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picture of Dad

This is The Mamaand The Daddy.


Now and 1976

Wish I Had a picture of them in 1963 when they married

1976 picture of Mom and Dad

I don't think the daddy knows that he is a 'stepfather'....even though mom's kids spanned the ages from about two to twenty-two when they met :-) If he does, he sure hasn't acted like it.

I shared a lot of things about our mom in a Tribute to her located elsewhere on this site. I hope that you will visit that page. Ahhh, there were things I did not tell you there.....Like how mom and dad met.

Once upon a time, a very handsome guy began to come into the restaurant and bar where I was working. I learned that he had just recently become single, and had custody of his five kids. What really impressed me was that while all the guys he came in with were really suckin' up the ole suds, Vern sipped on coffee and softdrinks. He was about the same age(36-37) as my beautiful single mom, who had seven kids of her own. Beginning to sound like the Brady Bunch, huh? :)

Mom wouldn't consent to meet this guy, so I had to do a little conniving. She was visiting me one afternoon, Vern was at my workplace which was only a block from my home.....and I was on a mission.

Sooooooo, I yanked some wiring loose from my old car, and called on Vern to help me get it started. Of course, while he was there undoing my dirty work, I introduced him to mom. It wasn't long until I began to notice mom was batting her eyes a lot (yes, you did,mom!) and ever so causually mentioned that she and I were going to a local dance club that night. Guess who showed up there?

Vern didn't just fall in love with our mother that night...he loved her seven kids, too. Yep, we got "lucky".

That was 38 years ago, and as they say, "THE REST IS HISTORY"


The Lucky Seven..Mom's kids

The "Lucky Seven"(mom's kids)

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