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In memory of Col. Donald G. Cook
United States Marine Corps
Congressional Medal of Honor

Congressional Medal of Honor
The Pale Blue Ribbon by Marsha Burks Megehee title graphic

Duty...Honor...Country...The Corps...bamboo Hell
A prisoner..."The Comacho Group"...his legend tells
Courageous...Defiant...he died as he lived
God asked the Marine..."How much did you give?"

His God knew his answer...as only He knew
How much of the Donald Cook legend was true
He lived by "The Code" as he cared for his friends
In that bamboo Hell...where his legend begins

A Prisoner of War...helping brothers survive
Semper Fi...selfless...he would keep them alive
Miles through the jungle...hard miles up the hills
Raw courage his guide...true valor...sheer will

The enemy shamed...by his bold lack of fear
With a gun to his head...made his enemies hear
His diffusing prose...on the parts of that gun
Revered by survivors...for caged victories won

Unbending...unbreaking...he honored The Corps
His Country, his family...like heroes before
Who share "The Blue Ribbon"...as only they do
Robert Burke...Versace...and Donald Cook too

"The Pale Blue Ribbon"...the few...the proud
A Marine "Ever Faithfull"...unmarked jungle shroud
A hero of heroes...now his legend survives...
Aboard the USS Donald G. Cook...DDG-75.

©Marsha Burks Megehee

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"The Pale Blue Ribbon" poem
©Marsha Burks Megehee, the Poet Warrior
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