Heaven On Earth Heaven ON Earth Is A Sister Like You.was named "Yvonne"

Who has a heart that holds twice the love of a normal heart?....YOU do!

I LUB, Von


Year after year, I search for
a way to tell you how I feel
about you on your birthday,
and every time I wonder
if it hasn't all been said before.

Yep, this is like looking in my mirror.

But this message is extra special
because it contains all the laughter
that only we have shared.

Wish you were here so we could giggle all night long.

This is to remind you
of how unique our relationship is
and to tell you that you could never, ever
be replaced in my life.


It is to let you know
how much I appreciate you.
It's a thank-you for every time
you have shared a worry or tear,
every time you have listened and been
the only one who understood,
and every time you were there
when I had no where else to turn.


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.....that's my little seester!

It's to assure you that our relationship
is one of the most important in my life
and that you are not only my sister,
but a dear and treasured friend.

Wish I could be there to share your birthday, but since I couldn't be I'll just send these little yellow birds with your cake to take the place of "The Wren". :o)

I love you, Sis,
and hope your birthday will be the beginning
of a year of happiness and success.


Let your spirits soar.  It's YOUR birthday!!
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