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Growing Older

  Concerning the elderly ... article written by Judith Johnson Kypta.

The other day, while out and about…. I struck up a conversation with an elderly lady.  She appeared to be in her Eighty’s and used a cane for support, while walking.

She said her name was Betty, then began talking as though she had a mountain of words “Bottled Up” inside, and glad she may have found someone who might “Listen” as she spilled them out!

I was very surprised when she said she had been a “Writer” of short stories for years, and writing columns for a magazine publisher.    Betty went on to tell me about A restaurant she had previously owned and operated, located near our Airport.  I was enlightened further, as she continued…explaining her current activities and voluntary “Secretarial” duties at her church.


As Betty spoke, I wouldn’t have guessed, from her appearance that she had done any of these things.  Betty spoke at a steady pace, offering bits of other interesting things about her past.  It seemed almost as if she was reinforcing herself as she spoke.  Remembering that she had been a very active person in her community and was trying to continue in the same vein.

Betty told me of her family.  She had three children whom were very successful in their own right.  Betty told me about her daughter who had dated a very famous singer, how she and her husband had been invited along with their daughter, to the “Star’s” palatial home.  I was given all the details regarding the meeting of the Mother, Dad and agent of this “Famous” singer!

I noticed her demeanor as she talked, I saw things that a person might miss, if they were not looking.  I saw the “Gleam” in Betty’s eye and the way she sat up “Straight” and the warm smile that “Lit” her face.  She was so appreciative in the fact that I was taking the time to “Listen” to what she was saying.


You could tell that her thoughts were drifting to another time.  A time of youth, a time of raising her children, the joy her Grandchildren brought into she and her husband’s life’s.

Along with all of the wonderful memories she cherished.

Then I realized once again…how much this person loved life and had lived a good productive one!  Betty looked every bit of “Eighty Something” and the years had certainly taken their toll on her body.  Inside though, in her heart and mind…she was not that “Old Lady” that she presented herself to the world as.

Inside, she didn’t gage her memories by “Age” when she felt her heart swell with remembering things of her youth, and I’m sure she felt pride for her family, and perhaps, all of the accomplishments throughout her long life. 

I believe what Betty is looking for in the winter of her life, is the “Consideration” that is owed to her or any “Elder.”  They might not be too active, in today’s sense of the word, yet, they have contributed much, to this world in their lifetime and should receive their “Just Desserts!”

The very thing that “God” has placed on my heart is this…  How many times have we been guilty of shrugging off an elderly person? 


Thinking they were too slow, or maybe, they didn’t have anything “Important” to say, or perhaps they didn’t understand or whatever else comes to one’s mind when finding themselves, face to face with the “Elderly.”

Have you taken notice?  When A younger person accompanies an elderly…. People will address the “Younger Person?”   It’s as though the elder person didn’t have any sense of understanding at all, or perhaps, couldn’t hear or speak!

If we give it some thought, I am sure we might remember “Incident’s” where we could have and should have acted differently, by being helpful, polite or caring towards that “Elderly” person.

 My wish and daily prayer is that we realize that these same “Elders” were the backbone of this country that we have grown up in.  It was their ideas and hard work that have brought us to where we are today.  Each one of them, I believe, had a dream or has a story to tell, or maybe they have accomplished something that we can learn from.

My thought is this, if we would take a “Minute” from our “Busy” lives, lend an ear and take an interest in those stories…. Dreams…. And accomplishments, a lot of “Wisdom” would be gleaned from them!

My hope is that this article brings to light the knowledge that  “Elderly” people want and need companionship, love, understanding and most of all, our “Utmost Respect!”  In return, we will gain much from their wisdom and practical insight."

Written by Judith Johnson Kypta
 (All rights Reserved©2004)

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"Concerning the Elderly" Written by: 
Judith Johnson Kypta©2004

 All rights Reserved

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"His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."©2004

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