To have a son, who is also your friend
Is a blessing and a joy...
Son, that's what you've been to me
Since you were just a boy.


Happy Birthday Tony

I love you....
For the boy that you once were,
The small child that lives inside of you
Whose boyish pranks still make me laugh,
And whose eyes still light up with excitement,
Yet, sometimes, needing to be held and comforted.

I love you....
For the man you are today,
Your vision and ambition to achieve,
Your boldness and courage, 
Your gentleness and sensitivity,
The way you give so much of yourself 
to those you love.

I love you....
For the man you will become,
When you have shared your heart and soul,
And are fulfilled with love and contentment,
After having achieved life's dreams and goals,
Happy with what has been,
And comfortable with what yet is to come.

I love you....
With my whole heart, my mind and soul.
There are no boundaries or conditions,
No expectations placed.
My love has no beginning and no end,
I love you in this way, 
Not because you're my son, 
But because you deserve no less.


Sometimes moms forget that little boys grow
And become men with little-boy hearts.
Outside they need to be freed, while on the inside
They struggle with themselves to let go.
Just like moms do.

Sometimes moms forget that within that little-boy heart
Lies the need for lullabies surrounded by bass --
The comfort of being trusted with the car --
And kisses given only at bedtime.

Sometimes moms remember
The time she was your only world.
The times you held on to every word.
The times she held you when you couldn't sleep.

Sometimes moms remember
The times she let you down
And the price you had to pay.
Sometimes moms are sorry
And wish they could make things right --
And safe -- and perfect.

Whatever moms are sometimes
Does not compare with what I am at all times --

Very proud of you, my son.

A Son is LOVE!



"I'll Be There"