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I will not swear, I will not smoke, 
I will not crack a naughty joke,
I will not drink a drop of booze,
my temper I will never lose.

I will not gamble, steal or lie
nor cheat my neighbor on the sly,
I'll help the poor with lavish hand
and for the right will take my stand.

I will not knock against my town,
but try to keep dissension down,
of people's faults I will not talk
nor spit upon the floor or walk
and thus distribute deadly germs;
nor patronize mail order firms.

I'll try to be a moral guide,
a beacon, shining far and wide.
I'll seek the right and shun the wrong
and make this life one happy song.
The virtuous path today I'll seek
and walk in it .... perhaps a week! :o)
Author: Unknown

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