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Recently added pages in Wren's World

A New card category...The Road To Recovery... has been added to the HEAVENLY GREETINGS branch of WrensWorld
The sentiments expressed in these cards are intented to encourage the recovering addict.

Bus Station
Poem by Jamis Roose provides a poigant look at Aberdeen, WA...located in the Harbor Nest of Wren's World

Make A Joyful Noise
Fun stuff from the Happy Nest in Wren's World

A Tale Of Two Wolves
Native American story and blessing. Located in the Harbor Nest of WrensWorld.

The Touch of Love
Romantic greeting card from the Heavenly Greetings in Wren's World

Forever, I'll Be There
Love poem from the Harbor Nest in Wren's World

Exercise For Those Over Fifty
Fun page from the Happy Nest in Wren's World

The Thrill of Discovery
The words of 95 year old(as of 2011)Harland Schaefer inspires us to enjoy the discovery of each day.
Located in the Harbor Nest of WrensWorld

Put On 'Your Big Girl' Panties
Poem of encouragement for the ladies. Perseverance is not always easy, but it's always possible.
By Rinda Nelson, and located in the City Nest of WrensWorld

Yard Sale Memories
If you've ever attempted to "clear the clutter" with a yard sale
you WILL relate to this poem by Rinda Nelson...located in the Harbor Nest Branch

One Nation Under God
Poem by Francine Pucillo...located in the Proud To Be American Branch of WrensWorld

Easy Loving
...as recorded by Freddie Hart with Lyrics, A "Something Special"
song page from the City Nest of WrensWorld

Move Up A Little Higher
...as recorded by Mahalia Jackson with Lyrics, A "Something Special"
song page from the City Nest of WrensWorld

Have Thine Own Way,Lord
...as recorded by Jim Reeves with Lyrics, A "Something Special"
song page from the City Nest of WrensWorld

When the World Goes Away...I'll Still Be Your Friend
Heavenly Greetings Friendship Card

Living With Elder Abuse
City Nest poem written by Patti Filbert

A Caregiver's Prayer
Poem by Jill Eisnaugle
Located in The City Nest Branch of WrensWorld

The Valley's ofLife
I love this new poem by Marilyn Ferguson!

Letter To God
Letters kids have written to God...from the Happy Nest in WrensWorld

HOMELESS!..."But for the grace of God..."
Poem to enlighten preceptions about the homeless from the City Nest

We Need Noah'sTrust
Uplifting Heavenly Greetings card for your friends during hardship

I Made A Wish For You...
Ever make wishes while blowing dandelions? Heavenly Greetings friendship card with poem by Rinda Nelson.

You Make Me So Happy
Fun laughing, bouncing baby greeting card for your friends.(It will make you giggle,too :o)

You Are Who You Are For A Reason
Russell Kelfer's inspiring poem of assurance

Mending Fences
Inspirational poem by Jill Eisnaugle encourages letting go of past hurts, anger, and heartaches
Located in the Harbor Nest of Wren's World

When I Get Where I'm Going
Vocalized by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton
from the "Something Special" Branch... in memory of my mom

I'm still angry
Can't get over being angry? Send this card to say so.

Please Forgive Me
Ask for forgiveness with a poem by Jill Eisnaugle

The Face of Child Abuse
Beautiful poem by Marilyn Ferguson on an a ugly subject
Located in the City Nest section of WrensWorld

Once In A Blue Moon
Love poem greeting card by Rinda Nelson from Wren's Heavenly Greetings

Without Him
Elvis sings great gospel!  WAV and lyrics  from WrensWorld "Something Special" Branch.

Count On The Shepherd
Inspirational poem by Rinda Nelson relating to dealing with pain 

My Daughter 
Poem by Ron Hall from the Harbor Nest in Wrens World

Heavenly Greetings friendship card with  poem by Judith Johnson Kypta

Mothers Are Like Angels
Harbor Nest poem by Jeanne Carlton Walters

If You Could Hear
Prayer Poem by Jeanne Carlton Walters from the Chapel in Wren's World

Homeward Bound...Walk In Peace
Heavenly Greetings Card of sympathy and grief.


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