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"Letting Go" by Jiji
Letting go of ageless pain
And learning to forgive
Offers a wealth of strength to gain
Throughout the days you’ll live
Your heart will be lightweight and free
When your angst is released
In the end, better off you’ll be
Once your heartache has ceased.

Life is too short to hold a grudge
Regardless of the cause
When anger builds like river sludge
You should take time to pause
Then, ask yourself, if rage is worth
The damage it will do
To the balance of good on earth
If bitterness claims you.

Letting go of timeless grief
And mending damaged fences
Offers the soul needed relief
Once true healing commences
The outcomes might remain the same
But you’ll feel better, still
A lifetime spent assigning blame
Can only lead downhill.

Author: Jill Eisnaugle©2008

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