"Precious Memories"
performed by Margi Harrell
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Yard Sale graphic displaying some of my personal "treasures"

Yardsale Memories by Rinda Nelson

The sign does say,"YARD SALE TODAY", though I wouldn't rather,
Small spaces now just won't allow, for things my life has gathered
There are many treasures here today, on this makeshift table
For quarters and dimes, 'one dollar a bag'...take all that you are able.

......Except for those little figurines. (the Dutch kids and the skunk)
My father made them long ago, so they're not yard sale junk.
The reason I can't part with them is much more than their charm.
You see, when my daddy made them, he had just lost an arm.

He never let that hold him back from things he chose to do,
and he could do more with just one hand, than most folks can with two.
I'm reminded when I look at these, I come from good,strong stock.
For when it came to hard work and pain, my dad was like a rock.

"He'd cross the ocean in an old shoe box",  his friends would often say
They knew he'd never hesitate to try, he just was made that way.
Life with him was not always good, for he was very stern.
But if he were here, I'd thank him now for lessons that I learned.

So I will keep those two dutch kids, and that silly skunk,
They represent courage and forgiveness, too, 'cuz my dad was a drunk.
But I'll always be grateful to him, until the day I die
for remembering just how strong he was, I've never been afraid to try.

Purple Genie Bottle

The purple bottle in your hand...You say it's not worth a quarter?
That may be so, but you don't know what it meant to my granddaughter.
Yes, I know the top is broken, but it really is quite rare.
For all my grandchildren knew...A genie lives in there.

There came a day, when one so small tried to remove that top,
To make a wish for dad to stay, and that's how it was dropped.
The bottle's damage was so small, and never could equate
To the broken heart of that child...with a broken home at stake.

I'm sorry, but I've changed my mind...that bottle must remain,
For though they're grown, they may recall "Nana's genie" game
And when remembering it was filled,  with love beyond compare
May reach out with prayerful heart, for the purple bottle there.

mirror with reflection of mom and daughter

The mirror...Did I hear you say that it's priced too high, too?
And at that price Walmart has one, and it would be brand new?
I hope you'll forgive my rudeness, for that's where you should go.
But 'ole Sam' can't sell the quality, of life this mirror knows.

From the time we went together, and brought the mirror home
My daughter, ten,  and I would stand,  before it as I combed
We'd look at our reflections, and laugh and then she'd say
"Mom, we look like peas in a pod, hope that it stays that way."

So many years have passed since then, and soon it will be time,
She'll have to help her brothers with the things I leave behind.
Perhaps she'll look into the mirror, and see the reflection of...
Two peas in a pod, and though I'll be with God...She'll feel her mother's love

Fairy Trinket boxes

The fairy trinket boxes, came from the dollar store
One from each granddaughter, but they're worth so much more.
They were surprised to realize, with magic they were laced
For every time a tooth was lost, money was in it's place.

I'd check that pink box every day, and almost always found
A note she'd wrote to let me know how tightly we were bound
When they moved so far away I thought, "No more notes in here."
But I peeked inside, and then I cried...she'd left a strand of hair.

Folks don't even want to pay a dime, if it cost a dollar new
And my memories, to someone else, aren't worth much it's true.
I'm sorry for your wasted time, I feel like a real louse,
But the boxes mean the world to me...they'll go back in the house.

Lovely amethest decanter       

Prayers and Promises collection of kids with angels

You see those things on the shelf...my son gave those to me
He's everything a mom could want, He's all a Man should be.
He's given me so many gifts, the most precious one of all
is knowing that most every day, he is going to call.

The lovely decanter set, a small vase from Germany.
I touch these things each time I pass, it brings him close to me.
I look at that vase, and see his face...a soldier, still a boy
Yes, that was a long, long time ago, but he's still his mama's joy.

The collection you're admiring now is called "Prayers and Promises"
It reminds me how I prayed for him, how grateful  this old mom is.
If I didn't intend to be cremated, I'd take them to my grave...
I'll take them down from there right now, for them I'll surely save.

antique ceramic box    blue and green earrings

You say you'll buy the ceramic box, the one beneath the chair?
Oh my goodness, no!  How did that get out here?
My middle son gave that to me...it certainly can't be sold...
Nor the earrings from my first-born son, that the antique box now holds.

We've been apart so many years, and can't see each other much.
So I cherish every single thing, they've ever even touched.
I could never sell these things, not even if I tried,
Excuse me for a moment, while I put them back inside.

Forest Path painting at the yard sale

I'm so glad you like the painting, it's a favorite thing of mine
I purchased it as a single mom, that barely had a dime
I knew it was more than I could afford...almost two months rent
and before it even came around, payday was always spent.

The artist knew how my heart longed, for that peaceful scene
and said they would take payments that were within my means
They said they'd hold it for me, so I could take my time
And several months later, I owned that pathway through the pines.

When my shift was over at the diner, and my kids all sleeping sound
I'd look upon that painting, and oh, the peace I found.
The stressful day would melt away, and I knew that I could cope,
You see to me, within those trees, I saw the path of hope.

More than thirty years later, my grandson and I would hike
a nature path I know the painting's artist would have liked.
For it looked just like the painting that was hanging on my wall,
Ya' know, I think I'd better keep it, too, those good times to recall.

I know that you see only junk, as you look around this yard
But I see my life before me...getting rid of it is hard.
You cannot buy such treasures...not for any price,
So I guess that I'll just keep them all...these pieces of my life.

The precious faces that I love, now stamped upon my heart
May someday fade...then slip away, with too much time apart.
I'm getting old, as you can see...with age our memory dims.
Perhaps in time I'll need these things to help remember "Them".

What if some little trinket is all that I would need,
To jog this tired ole brain of mine and recall these memories?
Oh what a shame to someday know I'd sold for just a dime,
The thing I need to help recall the joys of my lifetime?

That makeshift table sitting there is holding my good life
Displaying precious symbols of, my victories, joys and strifes.
The nickels they are worth to you, devalues it somehow
I apologize, but this sale is closed, and you can go home now.

Author:  Rinda Nelson©2009

Yard sale closed because of heart problems

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