In His Service Award presented by Glimpses of God; in appreciation for your many labors of love. - 2008

Thank you,Joyce. It is an honor to receive this reward
from someone who is truly "In His service."
Glimpses Of God
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Award from Shirley....Shy's Corner of Blessings 1-05-05

Thank you, Shy. To receive an Award from you is truly an honor... and blessing
Shy's Corner of Blessings
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Lu's Award for Excellence 01-03-2000

Danke, Lu
Lu hat wundervolle Graphiken (Lu has wonderful graphics)

Lu's Gifsammlung
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Thank you,Lu, for this beautiful award...7/22/00
Lu's award for excellence

Thank you, Lu...this is a most special award!! 1-1-2001 
Lu's yearly Award 2000
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Dank lieber Lu, für dieses spezielle Geschenk
(Thanks Dear Lu, for these special awards)

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Golden Wren Award...Aug 2001
Thank You, Keenan! I am so honored to have this "Golden Wren" award.

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Thank you, Recruiter Lady Yankee, for the lovely rose and invitation.

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Encouragement Award 11-30-1999

My First Award :-) Thank you, Shirley.
Shirley has a terrific site!

Schutt's Homepage
You can visit it here

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Bill's Place

Okay...So Bill has never given me an award, but he has given me some good advice :-)
...check out his might learn something new...
Lu's Gifsammlung
Visit Maily Place

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"His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."