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Midi: ""Change my heart,oh Lord"
sequencer: Unknown

Poem from Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

Lord, bless me this morning and each one I rise
With a wealth of strength; please bring hope to my eyes 
Be sure I’m well-grounded for those in my care 
Even if the challenge becomes much to bear 
Should this day bring hardship, please help me to find
A beautiful memory for some peace of mind
Please shower my life with compassion and love
As I take my cues from your guidance, above.

Lord, bless me this morning, as I make my way
Please give me the laughter to warm someone’s day
Be sure I am steady, be sure I am wise
Be sure I am ready, should struggles arise
If I shed a tear, Lord, I pray you will see
I’m making the most of the chores asked of me
As I strive to put others’ needs ‘fore my own
Always stand beside me, so I’m not alone.

Lord, bless me this morning and each one I live
So I’ll remain focused on the care I give
Be sure I’m afforded the best tools allowed
To serve others’ needs and in turn, make them proud
Please look down upon me and offer a smile
So, I’ll always know that my job is worthwhile
Let me treat each patient and illness the same –
As worthy as this prayer, I’ve asked in Your Name.

Author: Jill Eisnaugle© 2008

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