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Midi:  "Secrets Untold"  Bruce De Boerę2007
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"When you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you,
and carry you where you do not wish to go."

John 21:18

Living With Elder Abuse title graphic

I'm not sure when it started.
For you see, I'm quite old.
But things have been going wrong here.
And this story must be told.
These nice people came to my home.
I needed some help you see.
I couldn't cook or bathe myself.
They came to look after me.

First they were quite nice.
They took me here and there.
They cooked these wonderful meals.
They'd wash and comb my hair.

But after awhile these people changed.
My money was flying out the door!
They needed a car to get me around.
They wanted it all and more!

There was groceries, bills and other things,
And when my money started running thin,
I wasn't allowed to go outside no more.
My life turned very dark and dim.

One time I told that nice nurse
Who would come once every week,
But then she didn't come no more.
I felt so tired and very mea

They didn't feed me for a week
And they'd pushed me to the floor.
I prayed to God they'd go away.
I couldn't take much more.

They sold my medals from the war
And the couch where I would snooze.
Then they'd get all liquored up.
My house would smell like booze.

It started getting worse and worse...
More bruises and scrapes and bumps.
I knew not to say a word.
For that would get more thumps.

I'm quite ashamed for where I am.
My dignity, I do miss.
Just because I'm not so young,
I still deserve better than this.

This poem was written by Patti Filbert  relating the true story of her grandfather.
Unfortunately, elder abuse is all too real, and too often happens with trusted caregivers.  I urge you to please be deligent in being aware.  Things are not always as they seem, and sometimes our elderly loved ones don't even realize when they are being taken advantage of and abused.  Sometimes they feel too ashamed that they've allowed someone to con them and will not speak for themselves.  Assuring that your loved one is well cared for is not easy, but the burden of knowing you've let them down is far heavier.  I know this from personal experience...it's a lesson you don't want to learn first-hand.  Click  HERE to learn more about elder abuse.

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