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My soul forever burning
Desire always there
You fill me with such passion
Love's spirit so aware
Two stars
Fever fills my body
With thoughts of your embrace
Touch of you will soothe me
My heart will gently race
Two golden hearts
Close my eyes in darkness
Vision always there
You forever next to me
Your coolness fills the air
Two stars
My heart forever beckons
It's calling out to you
Gateway of my passion
The love I feel so true
Two hearts.
Listen while I tell you
Whispering so low
Need to have you near me
To feel love's special glow
Two stars in Wren's World City Nest
Know that when you touch me
This fever will subside
Spirits fly in moonlight
Hearts of love reside.
One heart
~Francine PucilloŠ2001-2003~


Two hearts entwined

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Two hearts.

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Thank you, Moon and Back Graphics for this beautiful background set.