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May your basket of life always be filled and overflowing with joyful bounty.


Life's Riches title graphic

Life is filled with bounty
Gifts in life to cheer
Each one of us a giver
With hope and love sincere

Each day of life we toil now
To give our very best
Bounty of the purest love
So we can all be blest

We give to one another
In hope that we will find
Beauty of the bounty
Now reaches all mankind

In words or deeds we carry
Thoughts that will console
Bounty of true wisdom
Forever makes us whole

So gather all your treasures
You give with so much care
Placed upon the beauty
That it is life we share

No matter what the bounty
These gifts I give to you
So we may see tomorrow's
With brighter days in view.

Francine Pucillo©2001-2003

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