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Happy Birthday, Grandson

Gifts for a lifetime

Five Things I'd Really
Like To Give You
For Your Birthday

Because you're as special as you are, the list of things I'd like to give you could be an endless one of big, fun, expensive things.
As wonderful as it would be to give you those things, I'd really like to give you some things that are well within reach.

Now that you are a teenager, I think you'll understand the gifts that my heart wishes for you, for these are presents and gifts that will bring you the kind of joy that you always give to others.

Here are the five things I'd really like to give you for your birthday:

The gift of the best year you have ever had!

A path that leads to your favorite dreams.

Encouragement always by your side; everywhere you go and in everything you do.

More than just minutes in the day: I want you to have moments in time - when your joys are complete and your wishing stars shine as bright as they have ever been.

And last, but definitely not least: The gift of knowing that it's
people like you who make the joys of life so sweet...and make a little "Heaven on Earth" for all who know you.

Happy Birthday, TJ

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