The First Christmas

Happy Birthday, Jesus

In the village of Nazareth lived young Mary.  One night an angel appeared before her with the light of a thousand stars.  "Blessed are you, Mary!"  said the angel Gabriel.  "You have been chosen to have a special baby, God's only son -- Baby Jesus."  "I will do whatever God wants," said Mary.  Mary celebrated the good news.

Far away in the East, three wise men prepared for a long journey.  "We must follow that bright star," said the first wise man.  "We must seek the Newborn King and bring him gifts," said the second wise man.  "Then," said the third wise man as he mounted his camel, "we shall celebrate the good news."

In the fields outside of Bethlehem,shepherds watched over their flocks at night.  Suddenly angels appeared.  "Don't be afraid!  We bring good news.  Today a Savior will be born -- Christ the Lord!"  So the shepherds ran to find the baby and celebrate the good news.

But in Bethlehem there was no room at the inn for Mary and Joseph.  "You can stay in my stable," the innkeeper told them.  Right there in the stable Mary gave birth to her baby.  She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and lay him in a manger.  Mary and Joseph -- and even the animals -- celebrated the good news of Jesus' birth. 

Soon the shepherds came and bowed down before God's son, Jesus.  The wise men brought their gifts and worshipped the Newborn King.  Everyone celebrated the good news that first Christmas.  And now every Christmas, we sing like the angels, give gifts like the wise men, and celebrate the good news.

You can read about Jesus's birth in the Bible You will find it in : Luke chapters 1 and 2



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