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Hey Jude!


I want to be just like her when I grow up....no small task, since she is fifteen years younger than I am.

The joining of SoulMates

Brad and Judy....from this day forward

If there is anyone in this world I envy, it's Judy!!! (I told U my life is an open book, faults and all:) Not her worldly posessions, not even her beauty....and she is beautiful. It's her vitality, her zest, her spontaneous wit, her wisdom, her closeness with God, and I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I will.......Her Marriage. Gary and I have a very good marriage, but Judy and Brad share something so very special. They are so perfectly in tune with each other, and whether it's playing(and they laugh and joke and just play a lot) or working, or problem solving(yes, they have their share), they are so happy to be together. Judy and Brad are the definition of SoulMates.

In the beginning, there was a woman and a man.

She had remained in a bad marriage way too long because her Christian values told her when you marry, it is to be for a lifetime. Finally the end came, and life began as a single parent of one daughter. She expected to be single a long time...maybe forever. A woman with strong Christian morals doesn't fare well in the dating department. For her, the shout of "Party Time" meant cake and ice cream.

He was a man with strong Christian values who had survived a marriage not made in heaven, and was now the single parent of two.

I was working for an insurance company that required me to make 'cold' calls to potential clients...actually any ole name out of the phone book would do. One day, I chose Brad's number, and he graciously agreed to listen to my spiel as to why he needed to buy life insurance from me.

I arrived at his home at the appointed time, and I think my first thought was "WoW, why don't they make these kinda guys single and about fifteen years older?" He was very handsome, very tall, and his smile when he greeted me just lit up the room.

I made my presentation, and begin to ease into the application questions.

By now, it had become apparent this man was a Christian. The first application question told me he was single. I'll admit, some of my follow-up questions were not on that application. I was impressed with the answers I was getting. And he was so witty....he was making me laugh.

With pen poised over the application form I said, in my most business like voice, "Are you currently seeing anyone?" He started laughing and said, "No, Why?" "Because I just fell in love with you.....for my sister."

He flashed me that dazzling smile and asked,"What is she like? Is she a Christian?" Not,"What does she look like?", but "Is she fun...does she have a sense of humor?"

I told him about my wonderful sister, deliberately leaving out that she was also very attractive. He never did ask any question about physical appearance. He did ask me to have her call him.

She didn't want to make the call. I insisted. I told her how impressed I had been with his obvious love for the Lord, the neatness of his home, his terrific sense of humor,how he hadn't asked what she looked like(that alone spoke volumes to me about the kind of man he was)how tall and handsome he was. Jude is 5' 10", so tall was important to her. She said someone that great wouldn't be interested in her, anyway.(Another of Judy's endearing qualities is she doesn't know how special she is.) She finally made the call one evening, and they talked on the phone for about five hours that first night. I think they fell in love with each other then. They met for coffee. Then fate stepped in, and Brad had to move from Washington to Ohio. They had only had the opportunity to see each other a couple of times, and now he was leaving.

Even though he was clear across the nation, those loooooonnnggg phone calls continued. During one of them he proposed. During one of them she said, "Yes."

He came back to Washington so they could be married, and moved her to Ohio with him. (I might not have been so anxious to play matchmaker had I known she would move so far away. I miss her so much!)

Most of their courtship was over the phone. They had only physically been together a couple of times. I wouldn't advise anyone to make the decision to marry under those circumstances. But I firmly believe theirs was a match made in heaven...God just used me to bring them together.

They have been married thirteen years now. They've made it through troubled times and even tragedy by holding on to each other and God. Their love and their marriage grows stronger with each passing year.

Do you think it's really a bad thing to envy two people who share that kind of love? I hope not, because I'm guilty:-)

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O.K. this is Vonnie's place in the family line-up. But we're going to skip to Rhonda and Richard first.....then I'll let you meet Yvonne. :-) I've some terrific photo's of Vonnie that I want to share.

The youngest young'n


Destined to journey from childhood to eternity together

Rhonda and Richard

Rhonda and Richard are another couple with a story book romance. They fell in love as teenagers, dated thru Highschool and married after graduation. I'm don't think either one of them was ever envolved with anyone else. Their love of God and church activities drew them together. Like Judy and Brad, their love for each other has always been strong, and when you see them together there is no doubt that their love and marriage could survive any hardship.

Some of my fondest memories of them as teenagers was watching them play and wrestle on the floor like a couple of playful puppies.....an activity you'll see they've never outgrown:)

They were the picture of innocence .....

They have always placed God and each other before all else. Shortly after they married, Rich knew the Lord was calling him to be a pastor. When a church in California contacted him he knew it was what God intended. It wouldn't be an easy step, for it meant quitting a good, stable job, selling a home they loved, and moving with their young son into an unknown situation. Rich talked it over with Rhonda....she didn't hesitate. Everything fell right into place, the house sold quickly and they followed God to California.

Rich is now the pastor of a wonderful Assembly of God Church in Utah. Their church grows larger each year.......so does their love. Have they really been married twenty-two years? Their love still seems so young and fresh.....and the picture of innocence.

Can't you kids stay off the floor!

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