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Daddy's Shoes title graphic for this Father's Day poem.


Two shoes stood upon the stair,
 the heels worn down from toil...
 emptied of his active feet,
 and stained, from grass and soil.

 Two tiny feet, so bare and pink...
 will patter to the pair
 of Daddy's shoes, which lie in wait...
 in silent hope and prayer;
 that Baby's feet will find their way
 to step inside two shoes,
 that walked the floor and kicked the ball
 and blocked each fall and bruise.

 If we could walk, for just one day
 in shoes our Fathers wore...
 supporting every wish and dream,
 his youthful heart worked for...
 we'd learn to feel, where textbooks fail
 to teach Life's strong foothold...
 Our Fathers bronzed our baby shoes---
 their hearts have earned the gold.

by Rusti

No one could ever fill your shoes, Dad...
but thanks for always encouraging me to try, 
for supporting my endeavors, 
for always being my source of strength.

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