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"He Touched Me"

Graphic of hand wearing a golden ring ... and dropping coins
The Golden Ring ... Inspirational poem testifies to God's Blessings


People listen...as she tells her story
She can see their spirits lift
As she tells about a little boy
Who gave a very special gift

A little thin ring made of metal
With fish carved all around
A Christian ring that signified
She’d been lost, and now was found

She wore that ring everywhere
Cherishing it with love
It was given to remind her
Of her savior, up above

While sitting in church one day
They passed the offering plate
Ashamed for she had so little to give
She was in an embarrassed state

When the plate was passed her way
Her expression was one to behold
For as she placed her money in
That ring...was turned to GOLD!

She looked at her finger In amazement
While trembling with surprise
She couldn’t understand it
Or believe her very own eyes

She believed it was a sign 
Which made her feel...so glad
God appreciated the gift she gave
For she had given all that she had

It’s no wonder she tells this story
Showing everyone her ring
But God knew there would be doubters
Therefore, on the ring...he left one thing

When the ring is taken from her finger
There’s a thin strip...tarnished all around
To remind her of the state she was in
When she was lost, and not yet found.

Many people heard of this miracle
Since this ring had turned to gold
Along with the many wonders of God
With his love and mercy to behold!

Poem By Judith Johnson Kypta©1998
You can read more poems from the heart of Judith Johnson Kypta 
at her web site.  Just click on her name to go there.

*When Judith shared this beautiful poem with me she said,  "MY SISTER WEARS THAT RING PROUDLY....I HAVE ANOTHER THAT WAS BOUGHT WITH IT AT THE SAME TIME....IT IS "BLACK" WITH AGE....22 YEARS AGO."

Thank you so very much  for sharing your experiences, your faith, and your abundant talent.  I know that through God's hand on you, He will be able to touch many other lives.   I pray He will fill your cup full and running over with the blessings you have so joyfully shared with others. 

With love and appreciation ... Wren.


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"He Touched Me"
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