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He Touched Me ... title graphic for David's testimony

Created from the wonderful artwork of Thomas Blackshear, entitled "Forgiven".

David's inspirational testimony


My name is David and this is the way that GOD changed my life.

I used to live my life for drugs. I didn't have anything else to fill the hole I felt inside me. Sure, my parents had told me about JESUS and salvation, but I figured I didn't need any quick fix GOD in my life. Well I started doing all kind of things. I hurt people, lied for the heck of it, robbed people, slept with whatever girl would have me, went from job to job, and generally did not care. I didn't like myself much, but I survived.

Anyways I started going to jail... a lot. I still didn't want GOD. I got put on probation, failed, and went back to jail. This last time I went I decided enough was enough, and that there has to be more to life than survival. I started reading the bible that I borrowed from the guy next door. I got almost all the way through it (I started at Gen.) and he started complaining that I was using it to much, so I decided to try to get one of my own. I asked the chaplain at the unit I was in for a bible, but he said they were out. This I when I decided to pray. I figured if GOD cared about me he would send me a bible so that I could learn more. Well, I prayed and the next day a new trusty showed up. The guy on the other side of me asked him for a bible, so the trusty left and came back with about 4-5 of them and I asked for one. It didn't immediately occur to me that my prayer had been answered. When I figured it out I started reading even more than what I had. I had trouble at first because it was an old English King James Version, but I prayed for understanding. It didn't get easier all of the sudden, but gradually I started to understand what I was reading.

I learned about sin. GOD showed me that anything that we do that is not according to or aligned with HIS will is sin. I was also shown that all gifts come from heaven, and how GOD uses everything (even our mistakes) to glorify HIS name. I then learned about salvation. I learned that JESUS was the only ONE who never sinned because everything HE did was for GOD, and that HE was GOD's only begotten SON, who was with GOD from the very beginning. I learned how HE came to Earth to show us who GOD is and how we should live. I also learned how HE bore the wrath of GOD by dying on the cross, even though HE was completely sinless, so that we would not have to pay the price for our own sin. I learned that GOD loved us, and still loves us, and that that love will never change no matter what we do. I also learned that all we have to do is accept the gift of salvation (the act of CHRIST who was sent from GOD for this purpose) and we could live with GOD for all eternity.

I realized that GOD is not a quick fix GOD, but ONE who loves us very dearly. So I decided to pray again. This time I asked GOD to take away all my sin. To forgive me for all the evil, selfish things I had done,  and to give me a new spirit and a pure heart like HE promises. I told HIM how sorry I was for everything I had done to HIM and everyone else. I told HIM that I believed in HIS SON JESUS, that JESUS came to Earth to pay the price for all that I had done.

After I got done praying I felt all that hate and misery fall away, and a peace greater than I had ever known. I couldn't stop from crying (picture a man in prison crying like a little kid). Anyways I kept reading. I started telling others about GOD and salvation. A lot of people started coming to me for help! I told them everything GOD showed me and helped them read (most people couldn't understand the KJV so I helped them interpret it with GODs help).

Anyways that went on for a while, but one day I was called into the nurse on sick call. She told me that the blood test I took when I first got there came back and that I had Hepitis C which cannot be cured. I was really shocked at first, then really depressed, but eventually I figured GOD had a plan. Well after a good while, and a lot of work helping others come to GOD, I finally got released. I made it all the way back home, and I decided to go to the doctor to see about treatment for the Hep C. I took another blood test, and a few weeks later, he called me back and said that the pen must have been mistaken. I could barely even speak. I hung up and praised GOD because I knew that he had healed me.

I still face a lot of things, but now I have a friend in JESUS to help me through my hardship. I hope you find the peace and love that has made my life complete.

David, I cannot find the words to tell you what a blessing your testimony is to me, personally, for it is a message of hope, and confirmation that through God's love, all things are possible... even the healing and salvation of my own heroin addicted son.  I can only say, "Thank you", and praise God for giving you the boldness to share your story.  I'm sure many will be blessed by your testimony.

If you have just read David's inspiring testimony, please know that God loves you, too, and understand that you can NEVER do ANYTHING so bad that you can make HIM stop loving you.  He WILL forgive you, IF you ask, and you can know the peace and love that David speaks of.  

May God continue to bless you, David.  
Your sister in Christ... Wren.

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"He Touched Me"
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