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Lord, I'm thankful for so many things

as this day of 'thanks' draws near.

It seems the list much longer grows

with every passing year.

I've told you, Lord, so often

how grateful I am to you,

For listening to my prayers, Lord

And answering as you do.

So I thank you for my husband

a man that's truly rare;

Someone so perfect for me

I know he's an 'answered' prayer.

And it makes me smile each Holiday

and feel especially blessed

'cause once again my kids will bring

Their kids back to the nest

We'll laugh, and love and just be glad

we can spend time with each other

My heart... and eyes...will overflow

With each "I love you, Mother"

I thank you for my Grandkids.

Lord, I guess you knew...

How much they would need me;

how much I'd need them ,too.

They give their love so freely,

as only a child can do.

Without them I might grow old, Lord,

and I'm grateful that you knew.

I thank you for my Sisters ,Lord,

and for my brother, too.

You've given me a family

that anyone would choose.

Each one brings their special gifts...

Love; wisdom; patience, too,

and puts them in the family pot

For everyone to use.

I thank you, Lord, for mom and dad

I told you my list was long....

But how can I not be grateful for

a bond that is so strong.

They've been my anchor and my refuge

when the storms seemed not to end.

And next to you, I always knew

On them I could depend.

Good friends...Oh Lord how I thank you,

for those so close and dear...

That take the place of family

When family isn't near.

And I thank you for this country, Lord

The good ole U. S. of A.

For all her faults, She's still the best

God, bless America I pray.

I'm thankful, Lord that I can go

to any church I choose.

And when our leaders have done wrong

I can read it in the news.

I'm thankful, Lord, that because of you,

Hope is always there.

I thank you for this life of mine...

and for those with whom it's shared.

Author: Rinda Nelson©1999


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