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Big yellow school bus .. the limo of the little people :o)
School Daze!! It's back to school time in the Kid's Nest of WrenWorld.com
school days

 Hey, Teacher, I know ... I know!  Pick me! Pick me!!

Got my pencils and my books
Latest backpack with great looks
Sneakers lined up in a row
Lunchbox fixed by Mom I know
Like, you know, there's one in every class.
Bus is waiting at the door
Honking like the year before
Friends all greeting with hellos
Drivers head is aching so

Getting ready for big day
Mom smiles in a special way
Waving as the bus goes by
With that most familiar sigh
Anyone need a pencil?
Teachers waiting anxiously
Children all excitedly
Hoping that this time goes fast
Waiting for the bell to blast

Designer clothes all in a line
Children smiling doing fine
Each year this special ritual
Will always be habitual.
~ Francine Pucillo ~

Man!  If this works (and I don't get fried) everyone will think I'm soooooo Kewl!!



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