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September eleven, two thousand and one
For unsuspecting America, horrors  begun
Thousand of lives were shattered and torn
Hearts by the millions, broken since morn.

Lady Liberty stood, her arms reaching out
To those seeking the freedom that America's about
Caught so unprepared for this heinous act
When out of the blue, New York's under attack.

Our own planes as weapons in the terrorist hands,
Crashing and killing, just as they planned
Frozen in time, right on our own shores
We watched the destruction, heard evil's roar.

Did you see our heroes who willing gave
their own precious lives, others to save?
The spirit is strong in the land of the free
You can't take us down from land, sky or sea.

You can't bury our nation...don't even try
And we promise our heroes in vain did not die
We will regroup and rebuild, and united we'll stand
Knowing Forever We'll Be in God's Hands.
©Rinda Nelson 2001


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