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Poems of love and inspiration from for sweethearts, friends and family.

Always On My Mind ..... A poem of love




Romantic poem for your sweetheart and lover.

Forever you will shadow me
Wherever I may go
My heart is yours forever
The one true thing I know

Doesn't matter where you are
You're always next to me
Constantly you're on my path
Prepared for life's journey

In times of love in times of woe
I'll be there honestly
Holding on with everything
The way that it should be

Never fear if I am gone
I am always in your sight
Holding you and loving you
This my vow tonight

Heart will sing a special song
Whenever our eyes meet
Knowing that for all my life
You make me feel complete

Love is just a glance away
The dawn is always near
Sun will rise my heart replies
Whenever you appear.

~Francine Pucillo©2001-2003 ~


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"Always On My Mind"
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