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Wow Mom!!  I Can't Believe How Smart You Are!

A Pinch of This and That poem title.

When Mother use to mix the dough,
Or make a batter -- long ago;
When I was only table high,
I used to like just standing by
And watching her, for all the while,
She'd sing a little, maybe smile,
And talk to me and tell me -- What?
Well, things I never have forgot.

I'd ask her how to make a cake.
'Well, first,' she'd say, 'Some sugar take
Some butter and an egg or two,
Some flour and milk, you always do,
And then put in, to make it good --'
This part I never understood
And often use to wonder at --
'A pinch of this, a pinch of that.'

And then, she'd say, 'my little son,
When you grow up, when childhood's done,
And mother may be far away,
Then just remember what I say,
For life's a whole lot like a cake;
Yes, life's a thing you have to make --
Much like a cake, or pie, or bread;
You'll find it so,' my Mother said.

I did not understand her then,
But now her words come back again;
Before my eyes my life appears
A life of laughter and of tears,
For both the bitter and the sweet
Have made this life of mine complete --
The things I have, the things I miss,
A pinch of that, a pinch of this.

And, now I think I know the way
To make a life as she would say:
'Put in the wealth to serve your needs,
But don't leave out the lovely deeds;
Put in great things you mean to do,
And don't leave out the good and true.
Put in, whatever you are at,
A pinch of this, a pinch of that.'

Thanks, Mom, for all The Lessons learned, The Love you've lavished, The Life I live.

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