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I will go out into the world one day

and show everyone I meet the gift that you gave to me,

and in the showing

I will have given it to them.

After I have continued on my way,

the warmth that they felt upon receiving your gift

will begin to glow and grow and spread,

until they are no longer able to hold it in—

it will burst out through their eyes,

through their mouths,

through their every pore,

lighting their paths before them,

while the brilliance of your gift

warms all who cross their course.

Until one day,

when I have come full-circle back to my love’s source,

and we wake one morning and open our door—

stepping out to go forth into the day—

we pass into an illumination

of energy so vast and potent and warm,

that the morning sun bows and bends to cradle

the creation of earth’s new born wisdom—

sending a prism of multicolored praise across the sky.

And I smile as I recognize the energy’s essence to be

the gift of pure love that you gave to me—

multiplied by the power of an entire planet.

Author: ©Kim LeBlanc 2001 All rights reserved
Kim for permission to use her poem


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Original Poem "Gift" by Kim LeBlanc
©Kim LeBlanc2001
 Email  Kim for permission to use her poem