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Baby in a  cradle.The mom whose hands rock the cradle.
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Contented baby sleeps.
Gentle hands that rocked my cradle, 
and held me tenderly:
Would prove to be strong enough, 
to build a world for me.
A world filled with the beauty, 
that only love provides: 
And the hands that rocked my cradle 
always touched me with such pride.

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The hands that rocked my cradle, 
were so often raised in prayer.  
Asking for God's mercy: 
to keep me in His care. 
And I know He saw those praying hands, 
for my life's been very blessed, 
By the hands that rocked my cradle, 
and nurtured me with tenderness.

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While the hands that rocked my cradle.
show signs of needing rest,
The support she gives, is just as strong,
as when she held me to her breast.
And I know life has no problems,
that could ever rock my soul,
For the hands that rocked my cradle,
Give strength and love untold.

Rinda Nelsonİ2001

Yellow rose bouget.
Mama, How do I thank you for the guidance when I was unsure of my way, and your restraint to allow me to find it myself? You nurtured my growth, yet allowed me my independence. How can I measure the worth of your love? How can I ever repay you? 

The simple truth is .... I can't. I can only say "Thank You" for the many sacrifices made for my benefit, and to tell you one more time how very much I love you.

I love you, Mom, with every fiber of my being. Thank you for always being there for me.

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