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Our Grandmother
Martha Demaris Godwin,
Our grandmother

Our Mother
Lola Louise Ford (Montgomery),
Our Mother

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Mama, I am so proud of Grandma...She did such a wonderful job of raising YOU. Because of her...I have the best Mom on Earth.

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Mom, Dad, and the "Lucky Seven"
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My Mama

Her mama was widowed, when she was just five....
Her mama picked cotton to keep the family alive.
Though she had but one dress, she didn't feel poor....
She was loved by her mama, and she asked for no more.

She was the youngest of the five kids....
But no baby could do all the things that she did.
She never complained, she just worked hard and prayed...
That things would get better for her mama someday.

At fourteen she married, and had her own family....
in all there were seven, and the oldest was me.
Oh, the heartaches I caused her....right from the start,
but she kept right on loving me, with all her heart.

What we lacked in money, she made up for with love...
And her laughter and joy was abundant enough
to make the worst of the bad times seem almost good...
And when that didn't work, her prayers always would.

Now so many years later....I can still hear her pray,
"Lord, please let things be better for my children someday"
She doesn't realize, where I am concerned.....
That she's made me rich, with the lessons I've learned.

You see, all her prayers are for somebody else....
Never asking God a better life for herself.
And her life has been hard, and filled with much pain...
But like her mother before her, she never complains.

She taught me to love, and to give of myself....
And that self-respect is more important than wealth.
She taught me that prayer is a powerful thing....
And that Gods' awesome love can happiness bring.

By her example, I learned right from wrong....
By her example, I learned to be strong.
So now, Dear Lord, I want her to know...
She's the best mom on Earth, and I love her so.

written for My Mother, Louise Ford...by Rinda Nelson 1999

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Mama, I love you so very, very much.....
and I am so PROUD to be your daughter

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Mom was actually seven when her father died. That was in 1933, and times were hard,. especially for a widow who had never had a paying job in her life before, and had five kids to provide for in depression-time Oklahoma. Grandma had two daughters and three son... Audie being the oldest, followed by Murphy, Ben, Ike, and my mom, Louise. Audie married, the three boys joined my grandmother in the cotton fields from dawn to dusk trying to eke out...not a "living", but a "surviving"...and that left little 7 year old Louise doing things that many 25 year olds today can't do...like cleaning house and cooking dinner. ;-) Washing her 'good school dress' each night, and curling her hair with home made tin "curlers".

Seven years later she married the good-looking friend of her brothers. I was born when she was fifteen, and at the age of 18 months I thought it might be fun to play in a fire, resulting in third degree burns on my legs. There would be no surgery, no skin grafts for me, and she was told that the muscles and tendons in my leg were so badly damaged that I probably would not be able to walk again.

Yet that girl that was barely seventeen spent hours massaging and rubbing oils on my legs, praying that my leg would heal. And in her spare time she did our laundry by hand on a scrub-board(anyone know what that is? ;-) cut and carried wood for both the heating and cooking stoves, carried water from the creek, cuz the well was dry, made lye soap to scrub the wood floors, and, if it was Saturday night, filled the galvanized wash tub with bath water(That she heated on the wood kitchen range) while she waited by the dim light of an oil lamp for her drunken husband to come home.

She was still just a kid....yet she did all that.

Modern conveniences made her life easier in many ways during the 50's....but it began to seem like there was a lot of "Saturday Nights" in a week. I won't embarrass her with the details of her twenty years of marriage to my abusive father...God rest his soul, He's been forgiven...but I will say I am STILL amazed at the strength she possessed.

In 1962, I introduced her to the man that would become her husband the following year, and whenever I use the term "Dad", it is of him I speak. He has been a wonderful father to all seven of us kids, even though he already had five of his own. No one would ever know he is a 'step-father'. Maybe that's because he has forgotten that little fact, too. :-)

If mom's body and health had held up as well as her spirit...and her spirituality...her life now would be so very good. She handles the constant physical pain she lives with now the same way she has coped with every hardship life has dished out to her....with dignity, grace, prayer and a very deep inner-strength.

Is it any wonder that I love her so very much?


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.........and God bless Mommy 'n' Daddy..........Amen.


I love this angel


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I hope you've enjoyed meeting my mama. I'd like for you to meet the rest of my wonderful family...and you can...right here:)Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit in Our Family Nest of WrensWorld. You are always welcome,so please come again.

I regret that I am unable to give the proper credit to those that created the beautiful graphics I have used on this page. If you will let me know who you are, I will see to it that you receive the credit that you so richly deserve. Thank you.  

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