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"Away In A Manger"
Performed by:  Yuko Ohigashi
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Sweet Baby Jesus

Sweet Baby, Jesus, gentle and mild
Born in a manger, sweet, Holy, Child,
Shepherds and Wise Men came from afar,
Seeking a Savior, they followed a star,

Sweet Baby, Jesus, sent from above,
Son of our Father gift of God's love,
In realms of glory, angels did sing
Heavens rejoiced as they welcomed a King.

Sweet Baby, Jesus, Mary's sweet Child,
Light of our life, sweet Babe so mild,
There in a manger, Thou art adored,
Jesus, we greet Thee, our Savior, our Lord.

Sweet Baby, Jesus, send peace to earth,
Lift up all hearts through Thy holy birth.
Now at Thy crib, as evening draws nigh,
Hear this our praises from earth to the skies.
Author: Edna Massimilla



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