When I think I've finished praying,
I don't always say, "Amen,"

For I keep a running dialogue,
Going on all day with Him.

Off and on throughout the day,
I speak aloud to God,
A fact that is so commonplace,
I do not think it's odd.

God can do what I can't do,
(Or, I can't do alone,)
I ask His help a thousand times,
For many tasks at home.

Be it opening a jar,
Or undoing knotted cords,
I always say, "Please help me, God,"
Then say, "I Thank you, Lord."

It's "please" and "thank you" all day long,
It's natural - like breathing,
It isn't planned; it just comes out,
It's comfortable and pleasing.

I suppose my prayers are selfish,
(I need to work on that,)
But sometimes I merely talk to Him,
And ask for nothing back.

I think God knows what's going on,
He can recognize true need,
I may just want a Holy Ear,
And not a Holy Deed.

Author: Virginia (Ginny) Ellis


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