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"We hereby highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain."  Abe Lincoln...Gettysburg Address.

The face of Abe Lincoln.

Memorial Day

For those who fought for Freedom
We gather here today
To pay respect and honor
On this Memorial Day

For those who died for others
That all men might be free
The pride of our great Nation
The sons of Liberty

For all the sons and daughters
Who heard their Nation's call
For all the missing Heroes
On The Vietnam Wall

For all the weeping fathers
Who gave this land their own
For mothers who rocked the cradles
Of great Heroes that we've known

For those with "Pale Blue Ribbons"
For our Sailors who rest at Sea
Remember this Memorial Day

Author: Marsha Burks Megehee©1999


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"Memorial Day" poem
©Marsha Burks Megehee, the Poet Warrior
Click on Marsha's name for permission
before using her poem.

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