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The Kid's Nest

WrensWorld.comHey! You're in the Kid's Nest of Wren's World, checking out the Thanksgiving turkey jokes! We hope you enjoy this page, and will visit other pages and Branches of Wren's World.  Wren's Harbor Nest, the City Nest, The Chapel in Wren's World, the Kid's Branch, Wren's Proud To Be American and Wren's Free and EZ Heavenly Greeting cards all contain many inspirational poems and stories, Java applets, patriotic and Christian content, jokes, games and greeting cards.

Have a craving for a few Turkey Riddles and jokes?  Then...
Let's Talk Turkey (title graphic).Turkey riddles and jokes just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.


What does a turkey like to eat on Thanksgiving?




What do turkeys like to do on sunny days?




How are a Turkey, a Donkey, and a Monkey the same?



What happened to the turkey whose feathers were all pointing the wrong way?



Is turkey soup good for your health?



What do you get when you cross a turkey with a centipede?



What kind of weather does a turkey like?



Why did the turkey bolt down his food?



What side of the turkey is the left side?



What do you call a bunch of turkeys playing football?



Why did the turkey go to the movie?



What do you get if you cross a turkey with a bell?



Why did the turkey cross the road?

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