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 MY PRAYER title graphic with stained glass and woman in prayer.

Upon my heart I say a prayer
I know that You are always there
Feel your Spirit soft and warm
Carry me through all life's storms

Every sorrow will abate
While deep in thought I contemplate
Feel Your Presence always near
Enter now there is no fear

What glory in this heart of mine
That fills me with Your Love Divine
I know You love with special grace
My soul can somehow see Your Face

Softly looking down on me
Feel this Love so constantly
No matter where in life I go
This the constant I will know

The Love You give is so complete
It fills my heart with joy I seek
Bowing down with reverence
Seeking Holy Countenance

Feel Your Spirit standing by
Holding on with life's reply
Walk with me I ask and pray
Give me purpose every day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

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