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Your Light Shines Eternally words

Remember me I will be there
Although you see an empty chair
I am there right next to you
Knowing what you've all been through

Remember me with special prayer
I know you'll always find me near
My spirit never far away
My soul reborn September day

I saw the tears our families shed
Valiant rescue days ahead
Felt so proud and filled with awe
Not one of us could ask for more

Remember me throughout your life
Saw you through the pain and strife
Such caring hearts near sacred grave
Each one of you the love you gave

Remember that we always know
The hearts of those we love below
For in the sky the light will shine
Down to the earth our hearts align

Our mother fathers sisters sons
Children friends and everyone
Who rose to heaven with a prayer
September day God met us there

He handed to us each a Light
Touched our Souls in gallant flight
We saw you and were so aware
Our heroes on the earth so rare

The struggle on the earth for you
We watch from high and feel this too
For everyone who felt the pain
Our nation purged will rise again

Remember me who's standing tall
With everyone that day recall
Smiling down with special grace
Our heroes there we all embrace

This Christmas day a candle glows
Within the windows rows and rows
The flag does fly across the land
We are so proud to hold your hand

For though we lost our life that day
The beauty of the nation stays
Taught us what we can't forget
In unity we fear no threat

Today we gather in the sky
We look to earth and with a sigh
We watch you with such pride that glows
For all of you are our heroes

Remember us on Christmas morn
Keep us in your hearts so warm
We are all safe and sound above
Wrapped in God's unending love

Remember every smile we shared
Our laughter echoes in the air
Life on earth for us now done
From our ashes we are one

Raise your heads and all be proud
Our nation born with freedom vowed
The flag will fly with colors bright
Forever we will all unite

Remember me as I do you
For all the glory that is true
One nation born of liberty
With light to shine eternally.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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